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5 Reasons Why I Comeback From Mumbai In Patna

5 Reasons Why I Comeback From Mumbai In Patna:-

Once I visited Mumbai, but I come back from the city, in my hometown, within, 3 days, literally, I and my family did not get settled there or you can, say, we were not able to settle there.

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It wills really interesting to think sometimes, why we did not got settled there, though; it is the financial capital of the nation.  So anyway, read here, somehow, I could not got settled in the Mumbai and read here then why I love #Patna.

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5 Reasons Why I Comeback From Mumbai In Patna

1). I just love nature of the city, Patna; I mean the climate and the environment, which is just pleasing. And it is truth, if you ever have been in Patna, then you can feel and realized nature and climate of the city, which is pleasing one, especially, in the month of the October and November, and February and March.

2). I love food of the #Patna, especially, the Litti Chokha, aalloo chokha and roti, daal rice and all.

3). History of the city, is also fascinating, here in the city, and due to #Patna is a historical rich city, so people will love to read history of the city, like me and it is here plenty of historical palaces we can find in the city #Patna which can gives us some travelling goals.

4). If you are non veg lover, then I think you will love to eat non veg food, and it is here in the city Patna, fish and mutton are available in the best quality and I’m sure if you come here and will eat non veg food, like, mutton and fish then you will love the same as mutton and fish in the city available in the best quality.

5). I also love the city, Patna, as my all friends are settled here and I can have some quality time and recreation with my friends in this city. So I just love this city anyway.