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2nd November: Happy Birthday The Checker News, The Baby Turn 4

“The opportunity doesn’t come naturally, we have to create that and I, I’m Chitra Chowdhury Managing Director of the same The Checker created the same by launching this Global News Portal.

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The 2nd November which is literally famous for the superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, but it was the fateful day of the 2nd November 2016, when I open my own blog site, The Checker News, as a global news portal which set an aim which was to cover the unbiased and factual news of the globe.

2nd November: Happy Birthday The Checker News, The Baby Turn 4

The Checker News

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For me The Checker News was a dream and you will be surprised to know within 15 days, the adsence was approved.

Though, still we are waiting for the adsence income which is seems like on the coming days I can have!!! Finger Cross.

On our mentioned this news portal, The Checker News, we cover all kinds of news and information, worldwide, of the different genres, which includes, Entertainment, Sports, Music,  Articles’ & Blogs, Lifestyle and so on.

Due to on the 2nd November of this 2018, we will be celebrate 3rd Anniversary of our website, The Checker News. Com, so we will be brings cake and some sweets and some chocolate in order to celebrate the day properly which can be going to be an incredible.

In these 3 years, we saw a plenty of ups and down but still my journey towards The Checker News is going on as a blogger.

I can only say thanks and gratitude of you all readers and subscribers, who spare some time to go through my site and read some of articles and write-ups of my site.

The team Checker News also sometimes occasionally, takes interview of the different people in order to expose their talents and skill, which section is also turn to be very popular segment and features of our site.

Now I can say, lets enjoy the forthcoming 2nd November of the this year of 2018, in order to celebrate and rejoices the success of our site.

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