Top 12 Good Habits That Only Girls Have Not Boys

Top 12 Good Habits That Only Girls Have Not Boys

Ok… having studied at Co-ed college & than working at office with so many girls around, I can answer it correctly.

Boys, please don’t think me wrong I’m just analysing why their conduct is often good & serious. However, all girls don’t fall to that category.

#12) They never wear fancy stylish dresses at office. But boys often come to office wearing torn jeans or skin-tight T-shirt.

#11) Girls r very punctual. Be it office or school/ college, comparing to boys, they always maintain time.

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#10) They are very sweet and charming. They smile ? and look more beautiful. But they never smile at their crush or one who likes them. ??

#9) In India, hardly, a handful of girls smoke and drink. There is nothing wrong in it. But the way, boys often go outside for smoking kill office time and that smell stinks!

#8) Girls always prioritize their studies, work and people around them. While most boys prioritize the beauty of girls!

#7) Girls really work hard to get success. Even working moms dedicate their full 100% at work and home. Boys, very few, can manage both happily and without any issues.

#6) Girls hardly look at handsome boys that the latter look at them. It often makes boys as creepy creatures.

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#5) Girls are mostly peaceful though they like gossips. Boys are mostly loud and rowdy…even with friends.

#4) Girls r patient and emotional but boys are not.

#3) Girls usually bring their lunch to office or college or schools. Many boys just go outside to have lunch.

#2) Girls wear very cute outfits and look very smart ?. Boys, despite many are good-looking, tend to dress inappropriately and look unsmart.

#1) Girls don’t run after money and stature as much as boys do!

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Let us know your views on it. Please share your views on the comment section. I will try to reply to you all.

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