Sorry Friends! We Couldn’t Save You from Australian Bushfire

I have never ever felt so helpless in my life!

The Australian wildfire has been the most devastating nature’s fury over the last few decades. It was so much dangerous that it has wiped out many creatures and animals that are found only in Australia!

As the horrifying images of Australian bushfire are going viral; I, as a human, have failed the humanity test where it mattered most. I feel ashamed to be called a human anymore. 

If this wildfire didn’t shatter your heart then you are not a human!

The world has moved from pen to cursor over the last two decades, but when it comes to helping the helpless we are brainless!

Big-big people talk big-big things (about the environment) inside big-big halls with big-big ACs and halogen bulbs all around – enough is enough!

We don’t need false lectures on climate change or how to save the environment – we need a few sane and self-motivated people who do their bit at the most daring of circumstances. 

Those so-called environmentalists and ecological experts did nothing when Australia was burning… in fact, it’s still burning in several other parts of this country – at least half a million Koala bears are feared dead!

Let their little-loving souls rest in peace. We didn’t even give them an option to fight back and recuperate with their injuries. Such devastating was the fire that it killed animals and birds within seconds! There was no second chance for them!

No Development in Australia?

Counted as one of the most developed nations, Australia has completely failed as a nation or island continent — monikers hardly matter when lives are at stake.

After this massive tragedy, do you think any animals would like to live their anymore? 

If they (few lucky ones – who survived the wildfire) had divine spoken powers, I am damn sure most of them would have been recalling how man-made destruction (read global development) has killed their family members at one go. 

Dousing wildfire is challenging. More than the fancy environmentalists and ecologists, who talk about sustainable development without compromising with their own luxuries and other pleasures of life; I salute those unnamed firefighters who are actually on the battlefield and giving their heart, mind, soul, body and everything to save Australia’s much popular faunas including Koala bears, birds, Quokka, Possum and Kangaroo. 

Is Development Digging Our Graves?

What is this so-called development, if it challenges our own survival? Can we become a developed society if our biodiversity gets constantly devastated owing to wanton destruction of forests and wetlands? 

Which is more important; a cohesive society with the presence of humans, birds and flora and fauna or just a lifeless planet like seven others! 

Today, we lost around 30-40% of our dear animal friends, who knows tomorrow, we may lose ourselves by our own action and lust towards developments!

Don’t let development dig graves for ourselves by our own deeds!

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