Why we see dreams! Find Out The Answer Here!

We all often watch dreams when we get to sleep. We see various kind of midnight imagination, including, some scary, some romantic, some family oriented or some funny. However, have we ever wondered why we see dreams?

These facts proved that dead relatives Spirits are regularly visited you in your dreams

Surprisingly till now, there is no solid answer to the question why we see dreams. But there is a lot of written theories mention regarding this reason of seeing this midnight imagination.

We often see our loved ones in our imagination. We also may encounter a relative or a friend who already died on our thoughts of the night. Why do deceased people visit us in our dreams? Well, we can find answers to this question in this article.

Why do we dream?

Why do we dream? It’s a common question we ask ourselves often. This question remains a challenge for big scientists also as they still failed to find the reason why people see dreams. But there are numerous theories floating around it.

Some people say Dreams are random activities of the sleeping brain. Some other say dreams are played crucial role in the mental well-being. Experts say dreams actually help to solve problems, memorize and process emotions.

Sigmund Freud’s ‘Interpretation of Dream’

Sigmund Freud, commonly regarded as the father of Psychoanalysis has written a book, ‘Interpretation of Dreams’. Where he has described and mentioned why we see dreams and also why do we see some definite people in our dreams. In his theory, Sigmund stated, “the purpose of dreams is to transform the forbidden wish into a non-threatening form, thus reducing the anxiety of the unconscious mind and allowing us to continue our sleep.”

Why do we see dead people in our dream?

It has happened to everybody and people see dead people on the dream. We often see our deceased loved ones in our dreams and when we see them they looked and appear hale and hearty unlike during their last times we see them before dying, seems like this is also one of the purpose of dreams.

Our deceased relatives or friends come in our dreams for many reasons like, for giving a message, advice or a warning. Psychologists also believe that this midnight thinking, about the dead people, can also mark of depression or a feeling of guilt.

Spirit visitation on our sleeping thinking

This is the most common way in which the deceased loved visit human on their dreams in order to meet with them. Often in such kind of dreams, the deceased person assures that “I am OKAY and still with you”. The visitor is in the dream is generally enclosed by some intense light. They often give messages or advice which help people overcome problems and also prevent some mistakes. They often come to tell their loved ones and appear on the other side of the dreams and they look in peace.

Dr. Patrick McNamara

Dr. McNamara also did several types of research on this theory called “Dream”; one of them is about ‘Visitation Dreams’. In his theory, he has said that the visitation dream is somehow different from other regular dreams. They are very realistic and people can also actually feel the touch and encounter of a deceased person.

He says, “The dream structure was NOT disorganized or bizarre. Instead, visitation dreams are typically clear, vivid, and intense and are experienced as real visits when the dreamer awakens”.

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Further visits of the dead people on dream

The famous psychic, Lauri Moore shares her experience and she also said that in the dreams the dead people visit us from beyond the grave. She says that the deceased people often come back in order to show and share their love and affection to their dreamer.

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