My Diary My Day: 4th October 20018 Day – 1

Hi Guys….

From today I’ll will be share some facts for the each days of mine life. I hope you will be enjoying reading daily each fact of my life and my day.

So let begin….

Today on 4th October, 2018, I woke up at, 6:30, and then I literally begin my day in the Morning. After having a cup of tea, not 1 cup, actually, 2 cup as in morning I sip 2-3 cup of tea before taking shower.

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I begin my day by taking glimpses of some cute and lovely cats and kittens pics and video via my Instagram account which just makes me go gaga for them. After waking up, I completed some of my household chores, and then I take shower.

Today my mood was not good, somehow my mood was little depressed because of some unavoidable and personal reasons, but still life so I have to deal with this. Because of my bad mood I decided to wear maxi after taking bath, instead of Salwar Suit.

My Diary My Day: 4th October 20018 Day – 1

In the morning now I take breakfast with my sis and it was oat meal with milk, I must say oat is good for health if you are fitness freak.

After taking breakfast, I was thinking what to do, and then I pass my time on FB. Today I almost even think to leave blogging, because of some unavoidable reasons, and discussed the same on FB where my friends suggest me to continue blogging anyway.

I was confusing whether to leave blogging or not! And in that time I felt massive hunger, I started eating something and something, like, butter and bread, mixture and all.

But I see that still my stomach is empty, so I eat more but eventually I realized that my stomach was aching. Ultimately, I take pain killer in order to deal with my stomach ache and firstly I thought to skip lunch but then I take my lunch.

After taking lunch I took a small nap and then wake up to feel that my stomach ache was disappeared. So in the evening time after taking tea, I write a new and unique kind of article.

Read the unique article written by me

And in the night I completed my dinner, In dinner there was rice, fish curry, Rosh Molaii (Bengali Sweet), all were prepared by my sister, though Rosh Molaii we brought from the market and it was taste just amazing.

In this was I end my day of the 4th October, 2018. Stay tuned with us and me in order to know adventure of my life of the 5th October. Till then Good Night.

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