International Girl Child Day: History, Significance, Wishes & Images

National Girl Child Day: International Girl Child Day falls on 11th October each year so this year also with much glory and joy the International World Daughter Day is being celebrated.

#International World Daughter Day is also observed on 12th January 12 and this year also; the International World Daughter Day was already celebrated in the month of January. In the month of September, we also celebrate The World Daughter Day, the International Girl Child Day is the when parents celebrate the love and affection towards their daughter. I International Girl Child Day am notably famous as the day reminds us that for any parents their daughter is next to their sons.

There is no superiority or inferiority type of thing between sons and daughter should be existing, #International Girl Child Day is all about this.

International Girl Child Day
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The main aim of this globally famous day is to throw light on the fact that Daughter is equal to sons in all ways and parents should not feel pity for our daughters.

UNICEF and CRY observe 11th October every year as the day of the girl child.

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It would be party time for you if you have a daughter so just enjoy the #International World Daughter Day with much love and affection you show towards your daughter.

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The week of International Girl Child Day is also celebrated as with huge glory so it is being declared as the World “Girls Week” in various parts of the world.

The celebration of the #International Girl Child Day is marked as to abolish the all kind of injustice and hatred against the daughters of the world globally.

The main aim of the #International World Daughter Day is to must be stopped and the change must take place now. This is just enough of ill-treating the girl child. In a Country like India where most of the deities are female goddesses, this is very unfortunate, to see that girl children are suffering socially and morally.

The International Girl Child Day is an equally acclaimed day like, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, Teddy day, and so on so the World Daughters Day is a memorable day.

  • Wish you all a very happy National Girl Child Day
  • Daughters are gifted of girl, girls vice versa is also very important. National Girl Child Day
  • Happy National Girl Child Day
  • Love Girls, respect girls, National Girl Child Day
  • Love your daughters and love girls also. National Girl Child Day


International Girl Child Day

International Girl Child Day
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