Independence Day: History & Significance’, Account & FACTS

Independence Day: History & Significance’, Account & FACTS

Well, we all are ready to celebrate and observe the Independence Day, on the coming days, and it is the preparation of the Independence Day, in the whole nation is going on and already started, with the massive celebration and observances’.

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Well, it is, we all celebrate the Independence Day, each year, on the 15th August, and it is an annual celebration and the festival, indeed, which is part of our beloved country, since, long time, certainly, from the time being we received independences’ from the British Rule.

The festival, Independence Day, is also one of the most important and crucial festivals, amongst the 3 National holidays in India, which are included, the Republic Day, which we all observe and celebrate on the 26th January and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, or the Gandhi Jayanti, which we all celebrate on the 2nd October, annually, and the above mentioned, trio festivals, which are includes, Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, are celebrated in the Indian states and union territories.

Independence Day: History & Significance’, Account & FACTS

Well, the Independence Day, is one of the most important festival, which is celebrate in the whole country, with much respect and the much admiration and we all remember, this day, as the day, when we received and got freedom from the British rule, so obviously, this is one of the most important days, of our beloved country, as it is freedom is the essence of life, and Independence Day, is all about freedom.

Well, the Independence Day is also very special as it is feel-good and incredible, to take a breath in the free country, and in the free nation, because it is the main point and the main essence of the life…..

Well, something which is very common on the occasion of the Indian festival, Independence Day, is of the singing the national anthem, namely, “Jana Gana Mana”, which is also make us feel happy and proud for the nation.

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