Bidding Farewell to Unhappiness: Turning Pages of Happimess by Biswajit Banerji

Bidding Farewell to Unhappiness: Turning Pages of Happimess by Biswajit Banerji

The hectic urban life, getting increasingly ruled by the time-clock, really needs some break and nothing really can be more appreciating that peals of laughter evoked out of reading a book packaged with interesting stories.

Happimess, a wonderful wordy creation of Biswajit Banerji, is a superb example of how a series of short stories can offer happiness with spontaneity as we read them. We know messy affairs often turns very funny.

We know how interesting the globally famous story Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture of Jerome K. Jerome remains even after almost 130 years. He narrated the happy mess created by Uncle Podger while hanging a picture.

Similarly, our Biswajit Banerji too has proved as a humorist that he can create laughter among the readers of the commotions and messes created in our everyday urban life. Oddity of our daily life figuring in this comedy in the form of stories is classy.

Whether you read the first story ‘Humans and Electricals’ portraying a man’s frantic efforts to keep alive his dying iron that impacts his marriage life or the last one ‘A Farewell through Arms’ is which the  farewell speech to Mr. Saha goes lyrically ludicrous, the Happimess is extremely engaging.

The other stories like ‘From bad to Sordid’, ‘A Matter of Life (Insurance) and Death’ and ‘The Haggler’s Manual’ will make even the most somber-natured person break into laughter. And it is here where the success of Biswajit Banerji as an extraordinary portrayer of human life’s daily sequences lies.

Pun, used by him to create atmosphere of fun, merits special mention be it ‘The dangers Of Risk-aversion’, Oh!CD’, ‘Neighbors Beware!’, ‘Bovine Intervention’ or ‘Retired Hurt’ wonderfully represented in Happimess.

This book is a nice package of witty dialogues, funny humour scenes and episodes, lyrical creativity, and intelligence. Selection of story plots from our life adds beauty to it. Since the language in the stories flow freely, the readers can easily appreciate and enjoy them.

Happimess marks the beginning of an altogether new laughter genre with selection of story plots from unique topics or subjects.

Biswajit serves in a senior position in a leading steel manufacturing unit

Living in Bokaro Steel City with his family — parents, wife and daughter — Biswajit Banerji  has most successfully brought to focus many a rude facts and social idiosyncrasies of our human society through funny tales in Happimess.

Undoubtedly, the book is a new literary experiment of humour genre that will make its mark globally.

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