Differences between Feminism And Women’s Empowerment

It would be worth to discuss these 2 words, with each other, like, Women’s empowerment and Feminism which are quite associated with each other but still these two words, Women’s empowerment and Feminism, have some differences also.

This is a unique and selected kind of article or blog in which I will discuss the differences between these 2 terms, Women’s empowerment and Feminism, and both of these words are associated with women and their development anyway.

As per Wikipedia, in where I study, the word Women’s empowerment and its meaning, let’s elaborate and discuss.

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Differences between Feminism And Women’s Empowerment 

Women’s empowerment

Women’s empowerment is the process in which women, especially; underdeveloped women should get their deserving right from which she was denied in the early times. The word Empowerment means getting power, so the word Women Empowerment means when women get power.

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Women Empowerment means when women get development and power, socially, economically, in case of education too, in fact, means in all sector and phase when women get power and development that is women Empowerment.

Generally, the word Women Empowerment means when women get the ability to do whatever she wants and she also crosses all barriers of her life in order to be independent women which are also part of the hypothesis called Women Empowerment.

In my opinion best way to empower women to give her education, because, with the help of education she will independent which can also elaborate and enhance the self-confidence in her life so she can stand in her own feet.

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While, the word Feminism means it is a theory or premise, or an assortment of political movements, ideologies, and social movements which share a common goal: to bring gender equality in society on all aspects and subjects, like, political, social, economic and in the sector of education and job too.

Due to the theory called Feminism keen and want to bring gender equality in society, then it is also an effort to seeking and establishing educational and professional opportunities for all women irrespective of the language and class so that she can also walk with men in the same path.

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The Feminism or the Feminist movements engaged in the campaign and for the promotion of the women’s rights, like, right to vote, right to work in the office, getting equal pay, having the right to property and so on.

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So these are basic differences between these 2 terms, Women’s empowerment and Feminism,  though, the article can be elaborate but then it will not end so I’m here just write down basic differences between, Women’s empowerment and Feminism.

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Thus, in my opinion, these 2 words, Women’s empowerment, and Feminism, means the word Women’s empowerment, means when you empower the women and the word Feminism is a written or spoken theory or movement which is work towards the welfare of women, especially, oppressed women.

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