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4 Problems You Will Face Being A Beautiful Girl

Being Beautiful Girl!! It will be a dream for each girl. Off course, who doesn’t want to be beautiful?

It is always, beauty doesn’t or can’t bring any kind of problems in any human beings life, but some girls sometimes faces weird kinds of problems Being A Beautiful Girl, so how being extremely beautiful can affects your life read here!

Being A Beautiful Girl

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4 Problems You Will Face Being A Beautiful Girl

1). Staring phenomenon

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No matter where you are going or coming, but, Being Beautiful Girl, you will face Staring phenomenon!!! Means in bus, train, college, school, shopping mall or even your own locality, you will be face embarrassing situation Being A Beautiful Girl, as everybody will be keep staring on you, like, you are not an ordinary girl, instead, you are Aishwarya Rai.

If you have seen the 1970s movie, “Naram Garam”, then you can relate with the issue called, Staring phenomenon, in the movie everybody was after the heroine as she was beautiful.

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2). Your other folder of the FB messenger full of random messages

You will be stay irritated, most of the time, Being A Beautiful Girl, whenever, you will be open your FB as your other folder of the FB messenger will be full of random and useless messages from the stranger. Like, Hi, How R U, Hi Cutie, Hello Beautiful and all.

You will think like, “Give Me A Break Yaar”!!! Whom I don’t know, even he is not in the friend list of mine, keep sending me messages!!!

This is one of the most common problems face by all, Being A Beautiful Girl, in the whole world I guess.

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3). Why other girls are jealous of me

“Beauty attracts eyes, character attracts hearts”, you believes in this theory, still, Being A Beautiful Girl, other girls of your contemporary will be obviously, jealous of you and hate you vice versa.

They will be always after you to create problems for you, which you can face in school, college, office, even in your locality. They will jealous of you because you are having a beautiful face but it is really wonder to know that why they cant realize that Being A Beautiful Girl is neither your fault nor it is in your hands.

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4). Each guy will want to make you his GF

Being A Beautiful Girl, Each guy will want to make you his GF, they can’t even realize that you can’t be GF with all guys at the same time. It is obvious, everybody want beautiful or good looking GF, even, girls also want handsome or dashing BF, like the guy want, so, Being A Beautiful Girl, everybody is after you which is somehow annoying.

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