Are you an angelic type or do prefer the dark side? Find out in this article as per the ranked of the same!

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angels To Devils

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The Libra people are the purest and most beautiful of angels. God make this ensure that the Libra people can born with some original sin so they will not commit any other sins. You’re so pure, sometimes; even the god can seek advice from them.


Taurus is having a forgiving heart and they usually never hold grudges. People address them as a sweetheart. Tauras people can be nice to each people for the sake of their own peace but if the world filled with devils they can be dangerous.


They are own code of ethics, and they usually stick to them. Pisces are caring, kind, forgiving, and empathetic. They also feel something bad or irritating about seeing something around them but they quickly resolve the issue as they think that life is too short to be upset for the haters.


Loving others is easy for the Sagittarius people and they are generally smiling people.

They generally don’t have bad mood but they can be angry if you make them angry.

They are the water-bearer, your biggest virtue is that the willingness to do favors for others. They love to bring joy to others and they are the honest and loving and kind of people. They are having a sin is a very strong sex drive that sometimes leads to them making unwise decisions.


Gemini is the classic people who can turn to be sometimes an angel on the other side they can be the demon too. Whether they will appear as demon or angel it strictly depends on their mood and they can sometimes appear as the frustrating bundle of contradictions.

7). LEO

Leo is the lions and they are strong and noble alongside, beautiful and majestic—until you get on their bad side. That’s when they display they fearsome teeth and let out a roar. Leo love to do good deeds until someone crosses them —Leo also makes sure of this but if they do something wrong they people can regret for the rest of their life.


Cancer people can be turned sincerely wishes to be a good person—it’s just that life can offer some temptations, and it can hard people to resist.

A typical day for the Cancer people can involve taking their niece to school, yoga class, a visit to your aunt in the hospital, and then a four-hour hookup with that hot guy from Tinder.

It can be sincere for people to seek forgiveness from the God when they need it.


Virgo people are warm, funny, generous, and very likable. They can be a slave to their many desires. They can have a streak to ten miles long.

If someone is foolish enough to get on the bad side of Virgo, then Virgo can seek revenge on them though they are just likable.

10). ARIES

The Aries is the member of the local Vice Squad which has been assigned to handle their case. Whether it’s drinking, sex, gambling, lying, cheating, double-crossing, swindling, or backstabbing, Aries can do all things like a pro.

Though, they usually have a good sense of humor.


There’s a reason that the Devil is often causing to be as a goat’s head in paintings—which can be Devil is the person. You can be a good person and often you do well with the people…

Capricorn can sometimes think them as the scapegoated—but not often, because sometimes they also consider themselves guilty AF.


The Satan can screen the Scorpio’s phone as the Scorpio will not yell at them. You are the living embodiment of evil—but what a body it is! Your sex appeal is so strong; and it cans Pope to his knees, begging for a taste.

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