in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the Traffic police came up with an innovative and a creative idea in order to spread awareness about traffic rules in the whole metro city.

A random man in the costume of a ‘Yamaraja’ was seen on the roads of Town Hall in Bengaluru warning and advice to the bikers and motorists who were not following traffic rules on the last 10th July.


This is touted as an attempt to spread awareness by the Bengaluru traffic police regarding the risk and dangers of not wearing a helmet, careless and irresponsible driving style and other violations, the Halasuru (Ulsoor) Gate traffic police decided and determined to make a person as, the God of death, ‘Yamaraja’, as their brand ambassador and the brand ambassador will be helping the Bengaluru traffic police in order to spread awareness’ and to promote the concept called safe driving and how much this concept is needed also.

The Bengaluru Observing the month of July as the road safety month, Anupam Agrawal, the Deputy Commissioner of traffic police, told PTI that several kinds of different and the various programmes, like, lectures in schools and colleges and street-plays will also be conducted which is also touted as the part of the observance of the road safety in Bengaluru.

Furthermore, the use of the historical character ‘Yama’ is to send across the message that if people fail to follow the traffic rules, then ‘Yama’ will to them to take them in his own homes, so if you wish to protect your life and yourself from “Yama” then just follow all the traffic rules in the Bengaluru.

Veeresh, the Theatre artiste, who is known for performing the Hindu mythology-based dramas, was actually, picked up and selected for this unique job of stopping motorists and bikers to reminding them to follow the traffic rules in the town, Bengaluru.

In some cases, he also has been seen sitting on the pillion to reinforce the idea of ‘Yamaraj’. Some images and Pictures of the same also shared and posted on the social media, which is well received by the netizens and they also have been seen appreciating this movie of the Bengaluru traffic police and some people also has been seen making fun of this gesture of the Bengaluru traffic police anyway.

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