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International Friendship Day | WhatsApp Quotes | Wishes, Greetings, Messages And FB Status



On Worlds Close Friends Day we all Celebrate friendship globally which is being mainly worldwide people rejoice on the 30th July. You can click Friendship Quotes in Hindi to read some of the finest and emotional friendship quotes in Hindi. Those will instantly win your hearts for sure.

Sending and receiving the Happy Friendship Day messages and best friends quotes to your dearest mates and friends will be regarded as very special on this International Friendship Day or, the World Close Friends Day as this is touted as the best way to rejoice and celebrate the World Close Friends Day.

In 1958 and on 27th April, the day, World’s Close Friends Day was first proposed 2011; 30th July the World’s Close Friends Day was officially declared as International Friendship Day by the General Assembly of the United States.

On this World Close Friends, Day 2018 we are sharing some images and Friendship Day quotes which you can share with your friends, close friends, mates, and pals to have a wonderful celebration of this special day.

Given below is a collection of World’s Close Friends Day messages and Friendship Day quotes which U can share with your good and best buddies on the Whatsapp and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

International Friendship Day – World’s Close Friends Day, Friendship Day Quotes, Greetings Messages, Friendship Wishes and Quotes

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Well, friendship is very special kinds of relationship, so we should all honor, our friends on this International Friendship Day, which is also a very special day, indeed.

International Friendship Day: SMSs, WhatsApp Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Messages, FB Status, Images, Tweets, Pics, Sayings, Passage

1). Wishing all awesome and amazing friends of mine, a very happy International Friendship Day 😍

2). Rose is red, the sky is blue, oh my dear friends, I love you 😍 – Happy International Friendship Day

3). Love life is the result of friendship actually, that’s why, I consider, if the friendship will happen and exist between two Friends, then it shall be incredible… is not!!!! – Happy International Friendship Day

4). It is my mate is special and my relationship with my mate is also special ~ Happy International Friendship Day