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World War 3 and Nuclear Warfare: The US Vs North Korea, Coming Soon!

North Korea USA World War 3

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Are we really heading towards an Armageddon with the possibility of World War 3 anytime soon? The continuous animosity between North Korea and the United States (US) is indicating an impending doom that is round the corner.  Our hearts say, it isn’t possible, but our minds say, ‘that ominous day is not very far’.

Both the US and N Korea are strengthening their nuclear armory with necessary ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to counter each other in the deadliest fashion in case a Nuclear Battle between these two hostile nations breaks out. If either of the two resorts to a war then the other party will also respond to the same with a renewed vengeance.

kim trump world war 3

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The United States has South Korea and Japan standing by its sides. Contrarily, North Korea stands fully isolated barring some humanitarian support from China in the form of necessary aid and other life-saving items.

China’s position on this whole issue is somewhat ambiguous. The sleeping dragon can neither side up with the US on the ideological ground nor can it openly vouch for N Korea in the eventuality of any war. Beijing has to closely monitor the activities of its naughty and defiant neighbor to protect itself first in case Pyongyang declares a war on the US.

Considering the amount of trust deficit prevailing in the region, China will have to make its stand clear in unequivocal terms sooner than later. A few days back, Donald Trump has asked China to impose economic sanctions on North Korea, and snap economic ties with the latter. Instead, China has maintained an uncanny silence on this matter for the last few months.

China Sandwiching Between the Warring US and North Korea

Ever since the US imposed sanctions on N Korea, China has continued sending the essential items to Pyongyang. China can’t stop the supply of these things or else it may seriously engrave the already persisting humanitarian crisis in North Korea putting the lives of 25-million people into jeopardy.

World war 3 china

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China’s Jilin Province also fears the repercussion of nuclear radiation incase the two beleaguered nations start a Nuclear warfare. Another worrying factor for China is its reduced export to the US if America indulges in any ugly battle with North Korea.

The respective share of the US in China’s foreign trade is around 18% of Chinese exports and the Chinese economy is bound to be affected severely in case the US wages a war on North Korea and vice versa.

Meanwhile, any nuclear strike from the US could inflict a massive casualty on the Korean peninsula leading to a mass annihilation of the North Korean populace. This could, in turn, aggravate the refugee crisis in the region putting more pressure on China’s already overpopulated provinces.

Rex Tillerson’s Last Ditch Effort for Peace Failed

A few hours back, the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, suggested a negotiation between the US-North Korea without any precondition. Tillerson’s suggestion of “talks with no preconditions” with Pyongyang has raised considerable eyeballs on whether it was a tectonic shift in policy of both the Trump administration and US foreign policy?

Unfortunately, his proposal didn’t fructify. Pyongyang showed no interest in walking an extra mile and initiate confidence-building mechanism with the US. Both the State Department and White House have now turned down Tillerson’s plan to enter into any peace dialogue with Kim Jong-un. North Korea’s incessant nuclear testing in the recent past has certainly hampered the peace process leaving no scope for talks anymore.

Is World War 3 & Nuclear Warfare Sure Next Year?

Not only China, Japan and South Korea will also pay a heavy price for any potential misadventure by Kim Jong-un. In fact, any political immaturity or haste from Pyongyang could literally destroy peace from the world all at once. Donald Trump has already stated that the United States has kept its all options open while dealing with North Korea including military attack if need be.

North Korea also responded in a defiant tone saying if the US tries to enforce a naval blockade, then Pyongyang will see it as an act of war and wanton violation of the nation’s dignity and sovereignty. In such a situation, N Korea would go for ruthless and merciless self-defensive measures against the US and its allies.

North Korea world war 3

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A nuclear conflict may turn to World War 3 replicating the horrific images of world wars that humans faced earlier. It was Adolf Hitler’s infamous “world conquest” dream that led to so many deaths during Second World War (1939-1945) period.

Will Kim Jong-un’s aggression also Lead to World War 3?

Kim’s latest visit to Mt. paektu has stirred up the war speculation more. In North Korea, Mt. Paektu holds a special place as most North Korean leaders visit the spot before taking any significant decision.

Even Kim Jong-il also visited the spot before making it mandatory for citizens to remain loyal to the dictator. He announced it in 1974 as one of the important codes in North Korea’s official list of 10 Social Decorum.

In the present context, the despotic North Korean head is highly elated after the successful launch of Hwasong-15 in November. Currently, North Korea is neither ready to halt its nuclear ambitions nor ready for denuclearization as yet.

According to US National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, the world community must come forward to ensure that no armed conflicts take place between these two countries. Even a slight provocation from the either side could result in World War 3.

The Ground Report from Korean Peninsula

The US is exercising joint military drills with Japan and South Korea to  strengthen its own combating capabilities around Korean Peninsuala. Kim is heavily incensed at the US-South Korea joint drills including the use of B1-B lancer bombers and other arms. Russia’s foreign ministry warned that such military drills and joint aerial exercises could further heighten the US-North Korea tension.

Amidst the rising tension on Korean border, Changbai County (China) government has started preparing refugee camps as its contingency plan.

Is China Really Waiting for a Catastrophic World War 3

China wishes North Korea and the USA to bilaterally solve the prevailing crisis. But the situation has already gone out of hands. The sleeping dragon has to mediate and intervene for the best interest of the mankind and peace process. China shouldn’t overlook the humanitarian crisis that may emerge if US-North Korea throw the globe to an ugly and devastating World War 3.

Interestingly, China seems more concerned about letting its own economy bloom now. Beijing accounts for 90% of North Korea’s total foreign trade, and shares a good bonhomie with each other. China is forgetting that if a war breaks out then its economy will anyhow collapse to some extent for sure.

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Pragmatically speaking, China will be the biggest loser if North Korea and the US go for a full-fledged war. It will suffer economically as well as socially too due to rising refugee crisis and fall in export-import. Also, any war in the region could dent China’s superpower status as well because it’s not showing much interest in resolving US-N Korea tension.

China Must Convince North Korea & Avert World War 3

The lives of China’s own citizens will be at stake considering the dragon’s geographical proximity with North Korea. If missiles misfire, it could hit a part of Chinese territory and may lead to a massive casualty.

world war 3 kim

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Xi Jinping should immediately initiate a fresh dialogue with Kim Jong-Un and convince North Korea to move towards disarmament. China needs to understand its role as a superpower.

China has to take the initiative if it really wishes to avert the prevailing war-like situation in the region. It should broker peace between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un through proper dialogue and other means. China mustn’t refrain from imposing sanctions on North Korea, if the latter continues to behave irresponsibly and threaten the regional stability.

Certainly, it’s a good step for the betterment of the people, and may also diffuse tension in Asia. It’s the only way to restore peace, harmony and development in the region. Alongside, such positive initiatives will also safeguard the globe from the inhumane World War 3.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

© 2017, All rights reserved.

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  1. China has always shown a rude attitude towards its neighboring nations when it has come to share resources mainly water or sea trade routes. Since neither of Trump or Kim is ready to back off. If any misfortune happens from either side, I am not sure that only Korea, Japan or China will suffer. Pakistan, Syria and other countries with crazy desires will try to wash their hands in flowing water. and This will surely cause a vast devastation. And India is also prone to this coming war.
    Since American citizens have already chosen a leader who is ready to risk their life for a childish dictator’s sake. We can only hope they are not in a situation when one loses the mind enough for launching a nuclear weapon.

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