World Tourism Day: Each and every year since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has celebrated the day as (WTD). The day is being celebrated on 27th September with full glory.

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World Tourism Day (WTD) on September 27. The statutes of the UNWTO were which is going on from 27th September from 1970. The date is being chosen for the sake of World Tourism Day perfectly.

World Tourism Day: Massive Celebration Of The Day

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The purpose of celebrating WTD aka World Tourism Day is to raise public awareness regarding the subject tourism. It also tells how the day is important for the human life. However, this day promotes tourism and its importance for human survival.

The main aim of the day is to showcase that how tourism helps extend social, cultural, political and economic values globally. The day also leads to more tolerance and appreciation of each other’s cultures, religions, and habits.

In October 1997, at its 12 sessions in Istanbul, Turkey, the UNWTO General Assembly designate a host country each year to act as the Organization’s partner which will rejoice the World Tourism Day.

It was also determined to accord a theme which will play an important role is the celebration.

The five pillars of the World Tourism Day is to the endorsed economy, society, environment, culture, and peace.

In the meantime, under the “Protect our planet” category, the UN’s tourist handbook offers some simple codes of conduct:

-Reduce your environmental impact by being a protector of natural resources, like, we need to protect forests and wetlands.

-Admiration for wildlife and their natural habitats.

-Purchase products that aren’t made using scarce plants or animals.

-In protected areas, access only the places open to visitors.

-Reduce your water and energy consumption

-Leave only a bare minimum footprint and a good impression behind.

The aide-memoire comes following a chiefly confused year for international tourism. Across Europe this summer, a wave of anti-tourism marches for the World Tourism Day.

Visitors to Barcelona were being greeted with messages like “Tourists go home” and “Stop destroying our lives” pasted onto lamp posts and scribbled on walls.

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