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World Refugee Day: Fact, Account, Narration, Tweets, Images, Anecdote, Observances

Well, the World Refugee Day is very special and an extraordinary day, which is dedicated to all Refugees of the world, who actually, need our attention and we need to speak and think about them as this can be considered as our moral duty, being a citizen of the world.

The above mentioned day, the #World Refugee Day, is a very special day, and I think one of the noble days, which is well accepted and globally famous day, no wonder, it is also one of the most important days, of the world, which I think, the present and the coming generation should know about it, so here I’m presenting this article or blog.

World Refugee Day: Fact, Account, Narration, Tweets, Images, Anecdote, Observances

The #World Refugee Day is actually, an international observance, which is each and year, celebrates and observed, on the 20th June, which is an annual day.

The day, #World Refugee Day, is completely, and totally, dedicated to raising awareness of the current situation of the several refugees who are living in this world.

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On the year of 2000, on the 4th December, the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 55/76 decided and proclaimed that, from this year, 2oth June should be observed and commemorate as the World Refugee Day.

In this resolution, the General Assembly finds out that the year, 2001, is marked, as the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, Wikipedia mentioned.

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Perhaps, this is the day, when we can think and analyze the problems, refugee are facing in their daily lives and I think, we should also think about it, as nobility is always spoken.

Amid to the #World Refugee Day, we should and must show our concern to the refugees, of this whole world, and it is also a perfect and also an ideal day, to let them know, that we all citizens of the earth is with them and also supporting them, indeed, which shall be also regarded as very special.


World Refugee Day

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