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World Emoji Day: The Twitter & The World Celebrate The Day

red panda

red panda

It is today, #World Emoji Day, which is a very special and a very unique day. Well, we often, use, emojis, which is also known as smiley, in the common language, which is you can also say the sign, to express, our feelings, and each emoji is having each kind of the feelings, certainly, and indeed.

The #World Emoji Day, is an unofficial holiday, which as we all celebrate and observe, every year, on the 17 July, so this year also we celebrate on the same day, and the day, World Emoji Day, is an annual celebration anyway, which is we all, especially, youths people celebrate on the globally, with massive enthusiasm and zeal.

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While, the #World Emoji Day, is deemed a “global celebration of emoji” and the day, is also rejoice, with the emoji events and product releases.

The day, #World Emoji Day, is come in the limelight and spotlight, annually since 2014, and as per the NBC┬áreported that the day was Twitter’s top trending article on 17 July in 2015, so, no wonder, why the day, became globally, famous and popular, in the whole world.

The World Emoji Day is “the brainchild of Jeremy Burge”, which is I read, in the CNBC that is also declared that the “London-based founder of Emojipedia created it” in the year of 2014.

World Emoji Day: The Twitter & The World Celebrate The Day

I think, the #World Emoji Day, which is a very special and an extraordinary day, on this day, we can share some interesting and some of the beautiful Emojis, to our friends and family.

In the year of 2016, the micro-blogging site, and it is, the netizens, also declares and noted, that Australia’s “emoji-loving” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, is also shared her birthday with the special occasion called, #World Emoji Day.

Well, I read in the Wikipedia, that in the year of 2017, the Apple has used each #World Emoji Day, to declares and announces its extension to the range of emojis on iOS, which is sounds, incredible.