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World Cup 2019, Semi Final: India Lost In Front Of New Zealand, Read Some Interesting Tweets Here

It is really bad to see that India lose the match, as lots of the fans, it is expected that India will win the match, it is actually, India, get defeated, in the front of the New Zealand, which is break our hearts, I mean all Indians hearts, still, respect for the team India in our hearts, still exist anyway.

Though, morning it was expected, that the team India, will win the match and it is the Team India, also played, well, but still, it is cant make to win, which is little disappointing.

In the social media, it is netizens and the internet people are giving mixes reaction to the loss of the team #India, some are saying, we could win and some are saying, that we are reached in the semi-final, it is also a big deal, I mean incredible, so in the twitter, and in the facebook, in mean in the social site, now, topic of the discussion is only match and about the team #India, anyway.

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World Cup 2019, Semi-Final: India Lost In Front Of New Zealand, Read Some Interesting Tweets Here

As we saw, it is posting the cricket match, was started, it is, the Cricket player, Kane Williamson won the toss and he also decided to go for the batting.

It was earlier, in the front of India, the team New Zealand was in trouble, and their performance was also skeptical, but with the effort of the team New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson, and Ross Taylor, the game get changed, and we can see here the result.

Well, here I’m sharing some tweets, and social media sayings and slogans, messages of the Cricket World Cup 2019, which are going viral and also started trending, the, post the team #India, lost the Cricket World Cup 2019.

It is the circlet fans and the team  #India fans are already depressed, to see India is lost the game and the Semifinal match of the World Cup 2019, but still, they are saying and having some good words for the team #India and praising them, at last, it is also great to see that the team India has been reached to the semi-final, woohaaaa…