Every year, on 2nd April we observed the World Autism Awareness Day which is regarded as the global day. The United Nations first recognized the date in 2008 afterward the advice given by Sheikh Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned, the wife of a former Emir of Qatar who had been associated with some of the educational and social reforms in the whole nation.

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The idea of celebrating the World Autism Awareness Day was accepted by all member states which are also regarded as the Autism Acceptance Day initially, and then the day was started regarding as the World Autism Awareness Day.

World Autism Awareness Day is one of the four health-specific awareness days which observed by the UN with much interested.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day

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On this day, raising of funds, autism-friendly events, welfare initiatives and spreading of scientific knowledge take place in the whole globe. One of the most well-known events of this day is the Light It Up Blue initiative whereby landmarks across the US on this World Autism Awareness Day we also give some honor to the autism people via this day.

Autism is a social communication disorder which varies from person to person but generally, an autistic person has difficulties with social communication, skills, and awareness and sometimes they present their behavioral mode.

Autistic people often demonstrate the interest in a narrow range of activities which are unique to each person. As per the World Health Organisation, around one in 160 children has the autistic disorder which already started on their childhood days and those people carry the same till their adulthood.

This means around 45 million people suffer from this disorder globally so the main focus of this World Autism Awareness Day is to teach kids how to deal with this disease.

Autism is considered more as a spectrum as its intensity actually verifies from person to person, making it difficult to classify the disorder.

For expediency, those suffering from autism spectrum can be broadly divided into high-functioning and low-functioning with the former able to live independently but later types of people will need life-long support.

Men are more susceptible to autism than women, however, autism is not an illness generally and it can be bettered with treatment, some autistic people act well in response to this behavioral therapy techniques.

Even, if there is no single reason that causes autism, environmental and genetic factors can be the reason to create this disorder. Raising awareness about autism is significant to integrate autistic people into the society and help them lead a normal life in this society.

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