Literally, a women is a sign of encapsulation of power, tolerance, calmness, divinity and so on. Women are presented as the multi-talented human being who is excelling in everything.

After the mindsets of people changing along with the upcoming growth of the modern generation of today, now women are doing whatever they want in the different field to show their worth.

But it is not that women are doing something from only today generations as they are doing the same from the age old times. In fact, on seeing the Hindu mythology we can see that from the time of ancient it is certainly feminism speak.

Let’s discuss some influential women of our Hindu Mythology. Tradition says that they were having a strong character, still, they did not do because of any calamity. In fact, they were blessed with spiritual power and often they used their spiritual power only to do the welfare of mankind.

This article is dedicated to those strong women of our Hindu mythology who did really something great to the world.

6 Times Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology:


Sita is a personification of grace, patience, kindness and forgiveness. She was the daughter of the earth so she carried patience with her always. This lady is the symbol of strength who survived in a village without anyone’s support. And in that time she was carrying her son in her stomach too. After Ram abandoned her she also faced that situation with her strong determinations.

So Sita is a symbol of love, and she is a kind of women who was having a massive love for her husband that no one could define. She was kind of woman who once replied to Lord Laxmana that she is a Goddess and the Daughter of Earth so that no one can abandon her!

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology

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2). Draupadi :

When we speak about Draupadi we think her as “Paanchali” of the Pandav but an infamous incident of her life consider as really something very awful.  I’m talking about her “Cheerharan” but still, they did not succeed to insult her as Lord Krishna was there to support her.

Draupadi took birth from the fire; so she was fiery and strong. It just did not happen right with her that she was used for the sake of gambling. And she was not also certainly took it and always raised her voice against this injustice.

So she successfully took revenge from her guilty which proved that never consider women as the weak. It is the testimony to this fact that women neither forgive nor forget the atrocities which happened with her and she also never fails to seek revenge from her culprit.

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology

3).Kali Devi:

She is called the mother goddess as her devotees consider them her children. She is a gentle and kind mother but at the same time, she is the fierce warrior. She has a love for her children but her anger is par-apart.

So Kali Devi is the testimony of the fact that if women can have love in her heart she can have anger too. So don’t ever try to test the patience of women.

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology


She is an Avenging Angel. Amba’s story is considered as that she waited once full to her lifetimes for vengeance. She is the daughter of King of Kaashi and she was never comprised with injustice.

Amba’s angel gives us proved that never ever try to provoke a true woman as she can do anything and she can bear anything. But still, true women will never comprise with injustice or atrocities’ against innocent women.

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology

5).Goddess Lakshmi:

She is the personification of prosperity and growth. She created havoc once among the Devas and the Asuras as per the legendary story. And then she emerged from the ocean-churning only to bring prosperity in the country.

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology


She is known to face a powerful demon but she brings back life to her dead husband. She is an epitome of devotion, strong determinations and strong will. From her youth hood times she proved her worth. She comes from her kingdom and searches her husband.

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She let not her father to search her groom and finally she chooses a perfect husband for her. Since she fell in love with a poor prince and tie-knot with him, even after knowing that he will die within a year.

And as per destiny that happened when Savitri lost her husband. But indeed after the death of her husband Savitri did not give up and by using her strong determinations and wisdom she bring back life to her husband.

6 Women Proved Their Worth in Hindu Mythology

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