Republic Day Special Article: Top 8 Female Freedom Fighters of India: Even after hiatus period of India’s independence we hardly speak about the Indian female freedom fighters, as India is a surely a male-oriented country where we actually only speak and discuss the male freedom fighters.

The Indians could feel and display their dedication towards the bitterness and anger for the Britishers who ruled our country from the last 1600 era.

Top 10 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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It is very obvious anyway the people who witnessed that era actually took part in the freedom movement or the freedom process of India. People from all walks of life forgot all differences and came together only for the single aim or goal to receives the freedom of their country from the British.

From our childhood days either we read or see in movies or hear from the elder people about the courageous stories of freedom fighters of those times; which leaves us awe for them.

We still fill our hearts with respect, courage, and patriotism and leaves our eyes wet with tears.

History has witnessed many women with exceptional bravery and intelligence story which also marks their desh bakhthi or patriotism for India anyway.

Let us remember women of the freedom era who fought bravely for their country alongside those women had the massive contribution towards India and its independence as well those names are also inspirational indeed.

1). Rani Lakshmibai (19th November – 17th June 1858)

A name etched in history for her courage and bravery forever. She was the queen of Jhansi which was ruled by Maratha in that period, she is also regarded as the first prominent and famous female freedom fighter.

She also took part in the first freedom rebellion of 1857. British were keen to take the princely state of Jhansi under the cover of “Doctrine of Lapse”. Sir Hugh Rose arrives to capture the city of Jhansi in March 1858 but, the brave Lakshmibai fight for freedom instead to surrender.

Top 10 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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However, she was defeated when Britishers killed her by betraying her or she was not aware of it that her death was closed to her. And we all know that Hugh Rose also get scared of Jhansi Ki Rani and her bravery as he considers her as the most dangerous freedom fighter of all time.

2). Begum Hazrat Mahal (1820- 7th April 1879)

She was just a queen of a princely state who fought against the British East India Company. She was also known as the Begum of Awadh and she played a crucial role during the rebellion of 1857.

Post her husband Nawab Wajid Ali Shah died, she took over the affairs of state of Awadh. During the rebellion, the supporters of Begum seized control of Lucknow as an act of rebellion against British East India Company and she also announced her son, Bijris Qadra as the ruler of the state of Awadh, though later it was recaptured by the Company and Begum was exiled to Calcutta.

She also catches plenty of eyeballs when she condemned Britishers for breaking mosque or demolished the religious enter and she also considers it as it was hurting the religious sentiment of people in that era.

Top 10 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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Karl Marx said about Begum that “during the national liberation uprising of 1857-1859 in India headed the rebels”.

3). Annie Besant (1st October 1857- 20th September 1933)

Though she was British socialist she supported Indians during the British Rule. She was from the Theosophical society as a member and eventually became its president also joined Indian National Congress and once became president of the Congress for one year. Her active participation in politics gave way to Indians to gain independence.

Top 10 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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4). Madam Bhikaiji Cama (24th September 1861- 13th August 1936)

She was from the Parsi community and was a philanthropist and an active social worker. While, an epidemic of bubonic plagues that took place in Mumbai in 1896, she herself got infected but she provide aid for the people as well she went to England for her treatment. Throughout her life, she struggled for Indian Independence from abroad as she was told by her acquaintances that she should not take part directly in the freedom movement.

She was a secretary to Dadabhai Naoroji she supported the founding of Shyamji Krishna Verma’s Indian Home Rule Society. On 22nd August 1907, she unfurled the Indian flag (Flag of Indian Independence) in Stuttgurt, Germany while attending the International Socialist Conference; there she made people aware of the aftermath of the famine that had which hit in India.

She was an active freedom fighter and always emphasized on the equality, liberty, and freedom.

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6). Sarojini Naidu (13th February 1879- 2nd March 1949)

Popularly known as “the nightingale of India” Sarojini Naidu contributed a lot to the freedom struggle movement and she joined politics in the wake of Partition of Bengal in 1905.

She is known for arousing nationalism through her lectures which she used to deliver in various programme and event in the pre-freedom movement.

In 1917 she even helped to launch Women’s Indian Association and she is also the first woman to become governor of any Indian state and freedom fighters. She was the second woman to become the president of Indian National Congress; she also promoted this fact that women should also take part in the freedom of movement anyway.

Top 8 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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7). Kalpana Datta (27 July 1913 – 8 February 1995)

Kalpana Datta was an Indian independence movement activist and a member of the armed independence movement which was led by Surya Sen, which carried out the Chittagong armory raid in 1930. She was a well-known freedom fighters.

Top 8 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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Kalpana Datta was an active member and freedom fighters of the freedom movement against British.

8).Savitribai Phule (25th March 1920- 11th August 2000)

She was also a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and a freedom fighter. She was a freedom fighter and social activist to give some abundance’s contribution towards the country India.

Top 8 Female Freedom Fighters of India

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All these female freedom fighters with their contribution made the Indian freedom struggle successful, memorable and inspirational.

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