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Winter Bass Fishing for Beginners

Are you thinking of going on fishing during winter but hesitant to do it? Well, do not put your rods away just yet. Bass does not choose any weather or season to swim around in the calm waters. All you need to learn is the right approach to prepare yourself for your best catch yet. Water can be freezing during the winter months, but how does it affect your catch as an angler? Experts would agree that bass will not chase a lure in the water that is below 50 degrees.

Choosing the right lure

One of the best choices is grubs, especially when you’re catching bass in cold water. You can get four-inch curly tail grubs that have at least 1/4-ounce jig head to help you get a catch.

Another option is to get jigs. You can choose between hair jigs and football-head jigs since both are slow-moving lures. Since football-head jigs replicate the movement of crayfish, you can select color variants that closely resemble the crayfish in the area. Remember that although crayfish are usually green or brown, their color still varies depending on their region. The hair jig also imitates crawfish, but it can also replicate the movements of baitfish.

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Soft-plastic baits are also ideal to use during winter. You need to choose smaller baits and adjust the leader length according to how far the fish tends to set off to the bottom. Keep in mind that bass tends to go into the more in-depth sections of a lake where there is a stable temperature.

Bringing in the right tools

One of the most vital information that you need to learn about bass fishing is having the right tools. As mentioned earlier, bass prefers a stable temperature, which is why these fishes often move into the deep, especially when they are about to spawn.

Using a fish finder can help you locate the prime fishing locations based on your GPS. You can even ask some of the hunting shops in Michigan to get the gadgets to help you with your fishing.

When you see any movement on your screen, you can drop the bait to them vertically to lure them easily. Using the lures mentioned earlier can all be effective, depending on the depth of the fish itself. Another way to get their attention is by using live bait such as small minnows, mainly when fished on a rather small jig head. There is also an excellent chance that you might catch a few large yellow perch.

If you are new to winter bass fishing, then it is best to stay away from deeper lakes and other reservoirs. It will be challenging to catch one, especially when you have a lot of areas to cover.

Bass fishing in the winter season can be fun. But you always need to ensure your safety at all times. Stay prepared and learn as much as you can about the area so that you will know which places to go to.

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