The dancing TV reality show “Dancing With the Stars” grand finale took place on a Tuesday night.

“Hamilton” singer/actor Jordan Fisher are the favorites of this season of the “Dancing With the Stars” and they have kicked it into even higher gear on the last week with partner Lindsay Arnold.

On the stage of “Dancing With the Stars” is was also special silver 25th-anniversary edition mirror ball trophy.

And The Winner Of “Dancing With the Stars” Is!

Image Source: Dancing With The Stars‘ judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Julianne Hough and Bruno Tonioli Eric McCandless/ABC

Violinist Lindsey Stirling finished second and former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz was third.

Post the TV reality dancing show “Dancing With the Stars”, Fisher told Fox News, “There aren’t words that you can use to express [how it feels to win]. I mean, it’s something about putting 12 weeks of work and time and energy and blood and sweat and tears into something and getting rewarded for it. The mirror ball is amazing. This is so freakin’ cool.”

And The Winner Of “Dancing With the Stars” Is!

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Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

His partner Lindsay Arnold, who finished second last season with baseball player David Ross (as football star Rashad Jennings won) said, “This feels beyond anything I ever imagined. I’ve come close and to finally take it with Jordan means more than I can even say.”

And The Winner Of “Dancing With the Stars” Is!

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Witney Carson and Frankie Muniz on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Arnold and Fisher both said they’ll put their trophies on the Thanksgiving table at home!

The two became close friends and Fisher said, “The coolest part is getting what we got to establish—a bond and a trust and a love for each other that exceeds so much in life.”

They said that they duo plays crucial roles for the each other’s success and also helped them in the journey.

Fisher said of his girlfriend Ellie Woods, a student, “She’s freaking out right now, 2,000 miles away, buried in books at the moment” but he was thrilled “being able to have somebody that you love and that loves you and can accept all of the things that you have to give them after a long hard day of rehearsal.”

And The Winner Of “Dancing With the Stars” Is!

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Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Arnold shared, “My husband jumped on the stage as soon as we won and gave me the biggest hug. He’s the backbone of everything I do.”

The two overcame injuries as Arnold hurt her knee and Fisher was suffering from the eyes problem. But they recovered to get perfect scores as well post they shake their legs on the stage of “Dancing with the Stars”, the couple receives perfect marking.

Next, Fisher comes on the “Dancing with the Stars” tour with his partner and shakes their legs.

“We still get to dance together,” Arnold said after the show. “For 11 weeks, we’re on the road and now we’re dancing for fun. We’re not getting judged [or] scored.”

But on Tuesday, the final three competitors were scored for the last time and Fisher and Arnold both delivers a perfect dancing at the stage of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Eventually for the “fusion challenge,” the two did a salsa/Paso Doble mix which was flawless at the stage of “Dancing with the Stars” and the dancers received 30 marks and had judge Len Goodman raving, “You are a complete male celebrity ever on ‘DWTS.'”

YouTube violinist sensation Stirling and Ballas also received perfect scores for their two dances.

Before the first one, Stirling and her mother discussed her past struggle first time on “DWTS.” Stirling, who overcame her eating disorder, recalled on camera, crying, “It was the darkest time of my life,” and said she turned to her Mormon faith to get back her feeling of self-worth.

Underdog Muniz (with partner Witney Carson) became a fan favorite with his enthusiasm for being on “DWTS,” and emotionally revealed his memory loss during the show.

But his dance skills were not as such impressive at the stage of “Dancing with the Stars” in the front of other 2 finalists, and he finished third after performing a repeat of his Argentine tango from Disney night and a foxtrot/tango fusion, for scores of 30 and 28.

Muniz suffered traumatic brain injury which he became a victim on 2009 crash. Still at the grand finale round of “Dancing with the Stars,” he had to give up the dangerous sport and told the cameras “DWTS” came along at just the right time.

“It’s the first time in a really long time I put myself out there,” the teary-eyed former child sitcom star said.

Muniz loves the show so much he’ll be joining Fisher and his pro dancer Arnold in this forthcoming “DWTS” tour that is all set to travel to cities across the country.

At the end of Season 25 on Tuesday night, at the dancing TV reality show “Dancing with the Stars”, the hosts Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron declared that the spring season of “DWTS” will be a mini four week “all athletes” edition.

Frankie and Witney were announced as the third place … and Jordan and Lindsay won the mirrorball!

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