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Why ZEE5’s Badnaam Gali is a great Mother’s Day watch?

When one sees the trailer of ZEE5’s new original film Badnaam Gali, it seems like a quirky comedy. But when you dig deeper into the details, that’s when you realize that it is something much more. Starring Divyendu Sharma and Patralekha in the lead, Badnaam Gali follows the story of a guy who arrives in Delhi to live with his aunt. Short tempered in nature, he keeps crossing paths with a pregnant lady living in his lane, eventually warming up to her. But what happens when his aunt puts in all her might to distance Divyendu from Patralekha? Why does the aunt want to do so? Is there any truth to the rumors around Patralekha’s characters? To know all that in a joy ride of a movie, catch Badnaam Gali on ZEE5. Releasing on 10th of May, it is right in time for Mother’s Day.

In case the synopsis has you asking more questions and thinking whether to give it a shot, here are some reasons on why you should catch the movie online this Mother’s Day weekend.  

Badnaam Gali

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The Theme

According to the description of the YouTube trailer and various news articles, the movie sees Patralekha play a surrogate mother who lives independently. So, when you put this fact into perspective, the rumors that you hear people mention in the ‘Badnaam’ Gali touch a nerve. But at the same time, the mood of the film isn’t sour at all, thanks to the jovial chemistry between Divyendu and Patralekha.

The Satirical Approach to Stereotypes

Through the trailer, Patralekha’s character is referred to as the ‘Bangalan’ and the sneaky bitter comments on her character, riches, and life, in general. But the way Patralekha’s character tackles those scenarios is badassery personified. She either gracefully ignores the taunts or gives it back with such sass that, as a viewer, we can’t help but smile.

Addressing a relevant theme with a smile

All the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there must remember how beautifully the show addressed different forms of motherhood in a sitcom. It still remains the golden standard that is fondly remembered. But when it comes to the Indian content space, be it movies or TV shows, forms of motherhood like surrogacy are treated with such seriousness and taboo-like vibe that it feels like an archaic cliche in our modern times. But with Badnaam Gali, the subject is treated with a smile and feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Older vs Younger Generation

Apart from the surrogacy aspect, there is another form of motherly sentiment that is evident from Badnaam Gali i.e. the Aunt’s character (played by Dolly Ahluwalia). Throughout the movie, she is very concerned about Divyendu’s characters and looks after him like a mother would. Hence, her clash with Patralekha gets an interesting dimension for the movie to explore. Basically, if we could say so, conventional parenting vs unconventional parenting in a nutshell that the ZEE5 original tries to delve into.

Imagine, this is the kind of insight one gets from a single trailer, imagine the ‘food for thought’ Badnaam Gali could provide in its entirety when it releases on ZEE5. So, do let us know what you think about the movie and this article in the comments below.  

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