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Why Do You Love Writing On Websites And At Other Places?

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Making friends is too difficult. I’m an introverted intellectual person and I have no friends. Be it at school, college or office, most people misunderstand me.

Though I make sure that every1 stays happy and I take care of every1 I know, my friends just take advantage of me. I’m just fed up with all these things.

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People I meet do like me but when it comes to conversation, I often lose topics. Because I believe taking part in deep conversation of history, politics, environment, literature and creativity but they r just sticking to typical topics like food, office and gossips and etc.

Also, I often take strict stand on a lot of things which they think correct. I do some time even agree their views and thoughts but they never try to understand my perspective.

I often don’t care what other people including neighbours and colleagues think of me. But my office friends r too much image conscious. It suffocates me from within. As long as I walk on the righteous path, I don’t need any certificates from any1. I’m what I’m and I only respect and care about law & Indian Constitution.