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WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version: Messenger 2.17.436 Beta Ready to Download

It’s hard to think to think or imagines now once life without the prominent means of communicating than WhatsApp. And now a day, something which is getting plenty of eyeballs is the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version.

Most people use their won Smartphone in order to installed the GB WhatsApp Apk feature and the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version is another latest feature which can be used by the WhatsApp users only.

For WhatsApp, the total user count of over a billion gives evidence of the popularity of the app. Each time a new update is made available; users just turn to be excited because there might be something really special the WhatsApp is all set to offer.

WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version is the latest feature of the Whatsapp anyway.

From past couple of years, WhatsApp has added some plenty of new features to its original build, and now users can do so much with the WhatsApp other that only sending text messages.

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It will be really yet to see the version of Whatsapp, aka WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version whats, bring for us?

Let’s look into deep and let’s discuss expectation of the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version, this can be considered as the WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.436 beta.

What’s new?

WhatsApp is bringing this text-only option for the new profile updates. If you would just like to pin a message to your profile without the entire fancy extra, you can do so by accessing the app’s Settings.

Then you need to edit the update where the text will be display, and specifically the text you want.

With this latest technology, WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version users can also search for GIFs right from the app itself.

This means that WhatsApp will be now permitted to be more customization than ever and you have a ton of liberty for users making them possible to express themselves.

Only to bring out the GIF menu, simply tap on the Emoji button in a chat window which is also part of the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version.

This build seems like the feature turn to be very good and undoubtedly there are some features which WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version can offer to the users and it can increase the excitement levels of the fans too.

The beta build is the word stands for some things that are not quite ready. By trying out the beta build that can directly WhatsApp where the feature can improve the update and bring better content to its users.

People can be directly responsible for a small fraction of the cool patch and on this feature of the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version, something latest is all set to the offering.

Downloading the update

If you can’t use the app store right now, people can simply download the APK file pertaining to WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.436 beta which is installing the manually when it will be uploaded to the smartphone.

With this USB cable and its help people can also access the Google Play Store or the App Store though; they can also simply go over to the WhatsApp page so that they can hit the big update button as per their wish.

Afterward, this will be updating the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version and the latest version will be automatically going to download.

You must ensure this that beta tester will help you to have the latest updates on each happening of the WhatsApp.

It can be the normal version of the WhatsApp which is very simple but your feedback is actually critical for app developers so that as per your feedback they can put some quality content and input on it.

So if you want to help you WhatsApp become better, give the beta version that can be helpful for you anyway.

WhatsApp is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak about the chatting apps. This app is packed with numerous innovative features that make it easy for us to communicate with our family and friends.

The WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version can also help users to text, voice calling and even video calling via various channels.

Things get even better though since WhatsApp also features group chatting and group calls so the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version is turned to be perfect anyway.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.392 Beta APK

WhatsApp fans who are enlisted in the app’s beta program and they will be happy to know this new feature anyway.

This update is available in form of APK and it can be downloaded right now and for further APK updates, WhatsApp users need to install it themselves.

Furthermore, interested readers who are not enrolled in the app’s beta program and if they need to know this they can receive access to all of WhatsApp’s updates ahead of time which will be making them easy to give feedback.

Live Location

One of the features of the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version is the new update to the live location. This feature broadens the social aspect of WhatsApp since it gives users the ability to share their location with their family and friends.

This feature is surely going to be quite useful for whenever WhatsApp users and will help them to meet with their friends and family.

In addition, the new feature can be accessed by tapping the Attach Icon – Location and then tapping on “Share Live Location”.

Cool Filters

The second and final feature that’s being introduced by this new update of the WhatsApp apk Latest Download Version is its color filters. These filters will work similar to the way Instagram’s filters works.

By this feature, people can also easily able to share images and photos with their family which is turn to be the more enjoyable experience.

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