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Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon – So… So… Speical Bollywood Actress

Image source: Kriti Sanon Twitter

Image source: Kriti Sanon Twitter

I don’t even know where to start and end. When I first saw Kriti Sanon in a Telugu film, I was completely surprised. She looked so different and so refreshing. It was tough for me to decide whether to like her or not. Well, I left it for my destiny to decide.

After a few months, her another film, Heropanti, was released. And, when I saw the film on TV… I was surprised? How can a new actress act so well? She portrayed all the emotional scenes in the film Ina fabulous manner. I was especially spellbound by the way she enacted emotional scenes with watery eyes yet no drops of tear!

Yes, since that “rabba rabba” Song, I just couldn’t prevent myself from falling in love with her! Gradually, that feelings only grew more and more with each year. As she is only excelling her skills and talents more! Soon, I watched her in Luka Chhupi & Houseful4 & she just took a slice ? of my heart away filled with lots of love and romantic? thoughts in them.

From a complete stranger, crush to dream girl, I can’t explain what KritiSanon means to me. Yeah, it’s okay I may be her, big fan & she may have 1000s of other guy fans too… but she won’t find another me! In the last 4–5 years, hardly a day goes when I don’t recall some lovely expressions of KritiSanon in movies and events.

And, I know… love doesn’t hurt… it never will… but only when I imagine and expect a lot of reciprocation or feelings from her, then only love will sting me hard. Till then, loving her and appreciating ? her presence in my life will be fructifying!

Today, I believe that KritiSanon is enjoying that status in Bollywood almost equivalent to Deepika Padukone of 2012–2013! Both are legends… so no comparison but KritiSanon era, has just begun! Just wait and watch. She will win lots of accolades in the near future too.