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What The Lifeless Pregnant Elephant Said After She Died | A Heart-Wrenching Poem

Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

I thought they were my friends,
I didn’t know so soon… our life would end!
I gobbled up pineapple…
As I was hungry & incapable.

More than me, my unborn child wanted food.
I finished up the pineapple thinking it was good.
I didn’t imagine a cracker was inside,
It exploded in my mouth,
Within a few hours, both of us died…
My soulless body took shelter in a nearby pond – silent and uncouth.

Up in the sky,
When I looked down,
I asked why humans why?
You killed us in God’s own town?
What mistakes I committed or did,
So selfish & heartless are humans – indeed.

My unborn kid also lost his life…
due to human’s brutality with malice sans knife.

My innocent kid was saying humans are so good,
They give us food,
I disagreed saying humans are unkind, cruel and awful,
Beware from their murderous intent – heartless and spiteful.

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