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What Does Graduation Mean?

When it comes to education, our life passes through three phases.

1st phase is all about schooling. Here kids take admission to junior classes, and gradually reach class 10. In other words, class 10 is also called matriculation/ high school/ secondary and simple Matric or Board exam.

2nd Phase is +2 and graduation. Here kids become matured and decide their career in advance. On completing their 3-year integrated graduation courses, they join a job.

3rd phase is for students who wish to study further and enhance their educational level or join academics.

Usually, we study up to 12 in school. Mostly, we do schooling till class 10. Then we have the option to study further at state colleges or school +2 boards.

  1. When state govt colleges offer +2 education, it is called higher/ Senior secondary or Intermediate.
  2. English medium schools offer 11 and 12th class at CBSE or Icse!
  3. Once you pass the above from college or school then you have to study 3years or 4 years integrated course in year or semester pattern.
  4. You can go for 3 years course in BA or BCom or BSC! Or you can study 4 years courses like BArch, Btech MBBS or Bfashin-designing. Once you complete all the years of any of these above courses successfully, then you are a graduate in any subjects.

Hope I cleared all ur doubts. Please let me know if you have more queries.