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What Do Beautiful Girls Want to Say to Handsome & Ugly Boys?

Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

Well, I can’t talk about others!

From my perspective, I want to make these things very clear:

  1. Girls can’t fall in love at 1st sight that guys do on seeing their significant others.
  2. Girls don’t want a poor guy. Girls expect at least a guy to have his own house and car.
  3. Girls don’t want guys who are too close to them. They may friend zone them.
  4. Girls also like other girls as much as guys do. Kya Karen… all girls r beautiful and they know it.Woman Surrounded By Pink Bougainvillea Flowers
  5. Girls love gossips and Cricket too. They love spicy food ???.
  6. Most girls r serious at studies in school or college. They are not obsessed with boys as much as boys are with their looks.
  7. Mostly girls never go into any relationship if they know it won’t materialise. So. They avoid those guys even if she likes him.
  8. Girls do smoke and drink. There is nothing to fear abt. It’s not a taboo any more.
  9. A girl who likes u will silently observe how and what u talk to other girls.
  10. Once u propose her and if she isn’t ready then u will lose her forever. Same goes with friendzoning.

Let me know if u have any questions!