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West Bengal Kojagari Laxmi Puja: SMS WhatsApp Quotes Thoughts Wishes Greetings Images Pics

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

The festival Kojagari Lakshmi Puja means the full moon day, which is actually observed in the Hindu and Bengali month of the Ashwin or the mid period between September and October.

Mostly, the Kojagari Laxmi Puja is done as per Hindu Bengali rules and rituals within a week after Dusshera or VijayDashami.

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On Kojagari Laxmi Puja, we worship  Goddess Laxmi better known as the “Goddess of Wealth, Success and Happiness.

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The Hindu carnival Kojagari Laxmi Puja is mainly observed in Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra in different names. Sometimes, we also call it Sharad Purnima.

On the Kojagari Laxmi Puja lets prepare Kheer.

West Bengal Kojagari Laxmi Puja 

Sharad Purnima or Kojagari Purnima is touted as very crucial and important day for all Indians. Indian women observe this festival with full dedication and sincerity. They do fasting and offer delicious dishes to Maa Laxmi to get her blessings.

Maa Laxmi blesses everyone with love, peace, happiness, wisdom, marital bliss, and wealth on this day.

Kojagari Laxmi Puja Wishes & Quotes

Wishing you all a very happy Kojagari Laxmi Puja.

Kojagari Laxmi Puja is the day when Maa Laxmi will grant her wishes and blessings to everyone.

Kojagari Laxmi Puja is my favorite festival. I spent quality time with my mom.

On the day of Kojagari Laxmi Puja, may Goddess shower blessings on her all followers.

Let’s Celebrate Kojaguri Laxmi Puja

Some of the quintessential Kojagari Laxmi Puja stuff include, Nariyal Mithaii (Narkol Naru in BENGALI), sabji, puri, fruits, naivaidya, flowers, chandan, sindur, mithaii, Payesh (Kheer) and so on.

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On Kojagari Laxmi Puja, in West Bengal, all Bengali women observe fast since morning and perform puja in the evening time when the Purnima starts.

This year, India will celebrate this festival on 30th October, 2020. Even people outside India also celebrate this festival.