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Watches And Auto Parts – Two Extremely Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace


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ExchangeMarketplace is a treasure trove where you can find a range of businesses on sale. If you are looking for well-established businesses and profitable businesses, ExchangeMarketplace is one of the best places where you can find them. It has all types of businesses, such as those that use dropshipping and those that have their own inventory. This gives you a wide range of businesses that you can choose from. The following businesses are two of the most profitable businesses that are listed on Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace that you can buy. One is a watch retailer while the other is an accessories store.

Auto Tools Mall

The Auto Tools Mall is a dropshipping business that sells car accessories and equipment. This business has shown to be a promising business as it is highly profitable despite starting out only a few months back. On an average, the profit from Auto Tools Mall is $2,500 and with scaling techniques, the store can grow.

The homepage of Auto Tools Mall store.

The expenses of the store include the Shopify plan which costs $40, domain which costs $0.83, Facebook ads that cost $950, inventory warehouse that cost $30 and Hurrify, Oberlo, Wholesale2b which cost $60 per month. When you purchase this store, you get a domain, product photos, social media followers, personal support, branding assets, logos, and suppliers. With the help of Google ads and Facebook ads, you can scale this store further. The revenue is already exceeding $12,000 which means you can increase it further when you invest in marketing.


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Auto Tools Mall’s performance statistics.

The benefit of buying this store is that you do not need to spend a lot of time to run it. You need to spend about 6 hours on a weekly basis to run the business and to see how things are going. The cost of the business is $15,000 on ExchangeMarketplace and it is undoubtedly a store that has a lot of potential. Since not a lot of time is required to run it, you don’t have to invest a lot of time on a weekly basis to run it to get profits. If you think you have the expertise and you can scale the store further, then you should think about purchasing this store as you can make it more profitable.

Balvini Watches

This is another dropshipping business that is quite profitable. Balvini Watches has a total revenue of $36,678 and has been running for 6 months. This shows it is one of the most profitable businesses. The business retails fashionable watches and you can start to make a profit after taking over the store pretty quickly. Not a lot of effort is required since the business has already been established.

Balvini Watches’ homepage.

The expenses of Balvini Watches include ads of $1000 per month, Shopify plan of $79 per month, Oberlo that costs $79 per month, a domain which costs $1.17 per month, and an email marketing system that costs $149 per month. The average profit is over $7,000 which is quite impressive and depending on the ad campaigns that are run, the revenue can be easily increased. At one point, the sale conversion rate reached 16% which shows how well this business can do under the right guidance. The profits can increase when the campaigns are correctly run.

Statistics showing how Balvini Watches has performed so far.

The Balvini Watches business is for sale on ExchangeMarketplace for $64,900. You will require about 15 hours per week to run this store and ensure that it is on the right track. When you purchase the store you get social media followers, domain, personal support, product photos, suppliers, and domain, brand and logo related assets. If you wish to buy this business then it is helpful if you have some knowledge regarding dropshipping, social media influencers, and ad campaigns. This can help you scale the business and get a very high revenue on a monthly basis.

Buying profitable businesses from a place like ExchangeMarketplace can be a boon. If you put enough work and do what is best for the growth of the company, you will be able to take the business to new heights. Since you won’t have to invest time in building the business, you can concentrate on scaling the business which is a major advantage for you if that is the type of business you are looking for. You will be saved from a lot of work if you buy an already established business and ExchangeMarketplace gives you a wide range of businesses that you can choose from.

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