Aarey colony: The seasoned actor, Piyush Mishra presented indie music Maati Baani, which is actually inspired by the 1973 famous Chipko movement of 1973.

The main aim of the Chipko Movement was to saves the greenery of our nation which plays a vital role in the human life, in fact for proper breathing were need greenery.

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In this Maati Baani indie music, the movie actor Piyush Mishra has come together with his group in order to raise awareness amidst people in order to protect and saves the ultimate and last green patch of the city Mumbai.

In the concrete jungles of Mumbai, people should fight for, tress and to saves them.

In this viral going video the singer and actor appeal to the Mumbaikars to saves the trees of the Aarey colony of Mumbai which is required for the breathing of people.

It is easier to cut trees than then make people leave any area predetermined for infrastructure, development or real estate projects, thanks to the trees resistance and lack of voice.

Now one particular situation is awaiting the 3000-acre green cover of Aarey Milk Colony in the suburbs of Goregaon, but this area is sadly is the constant peril of facing the axe, this is due to upcoming some ambitious development projects.

The aarey colony is touted as the green lungs of Mumbai, is the home of the some of the oldest trees in the city. In 2015, recognized as the site for Metro car shed, the plan included chopping down close to 3,500 trees to make way for the shed.

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At the same time as the big project has found large-scale resistance from the people in the city, nothing really works on it, except for a namesake stay order by the national green tribunal.

With his Maati Baani, an indie music duo and seasoned actor, Piyush Mishra is spreading awareness among people to save the last green patch in the concrete jungles of Mumbai which is mostly required by the people of Mumbai for the fresh breathing.

The Maati Baani video is as you know inspired from the Chipko movement of the 70s era.

‘Chipko re’ is a wake-up call for the Mumbaikars to save Aarey before more high-rising buildings which will destroy the natural vegetation of the city.

Watch the video here sung by Piyush Mishra:

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