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Waste Less and Keep Track of Your Restaurant Inventory

If you own or operate a restaurant, then you already know that one of the most pressing issues is waste. The bottom is this: You can’t afford to dip into your profit margins any more than you already are. Restaurants are notorious for two things: wasting resources and low margins.

As you’re thinking of ways to widen your margins, you’ll have no choice but to consider how you can make the best use of your restaurant inventory. It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure, so with this in mind, you need to consider implementing apps or website software that works with your POS in order to help you to stay on top of how money is being spent, along with how to fill in any gaps of using resources wisely.


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What to look for in POS inventory management software

When it comes to the type of software that you wish to assist you with POS inventory management, you should be sure to look out for the following:

Is it easy to use? While there’s a lot of POS programs out there that offer a lot of feature and are sophisticated to use, you have to ask yourself if your business requires the use of something comprehensive and sophisticated. Will you invest the time and energy in learning how to use advanced software? And what’s more, do you have the resources to train others how to do the same?

Does it include the basics? As mentioned, there’s programs on the market that can provide comprehensive, business-in-a-box solutions. But at the very least, your programs should include features that provide indicators, such as real-time inventory monitoring, along with raw material and ingredient data tracking.

Does it work with your current POS system? It does you no good to purchase or subscribe to a program if it doesn’t integrate with your current POS system. What’s more, you’ll need to ensure that anything you buy into will create a seamless management and tracking process if you decide to open more than one location. This is particularly true if your multiple locations are branded differently, because they provide different offerings.

Platforms for small-to-medium eateries

If you’re a small-to-medium sized operation, then it will be extremely helpful for you to work with a platform that frees up as much of your time as possible, since you’re probably working with limited staff. Look for a platform that allows you to keep track of any best-sellers on your menu. Its ability to import your SKUs is key, too.

You’d probably be interested in a program that tracks your profit margins according to the costs of every item on your menu. Real-time inventory tracking is something that’s going to help you with an efficient operation as well.

Part eatery, part retail shop

Do you operate an eatery that also features a retail shop in the front of the house? Perhaps your retail store that sells branded merchandise might be located directly next door. Either way, you’ll need to use a platform that offers features such as the ability to re-stock from your POS.

If you manufacture your own retail merchandise, then you’ll need a program to create your labels and bar codes for you. It should also assist you keeping track of any items that were returned so that they’re not replaced in your fresh inventory.