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Washing Machine Features And Technology Explained

Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

Washing machine technology has been developing a lot by introducing a lot of new features in a washing machine to reduce manual tasks and to provide quality wash. Here we will discuss the washing machine features and the technology used in it.

Displays and Controls:

Controls & Displays – Most of the washing machines come with a control panel that consists of buttons or dials or switches that allow you to set up the settings for washing. Some of the advanced washing machines are even coming with touch control displays, which are easier to operate.

Indicator – Indicator lights help you to know which settings you are using in the washing cycle. Some advanced models have got LCD or LED displays instead of indicators.

Pause option– Pause buttons are another advantage that lets you add the leftover clothes by pausing the washing action for a few minutes.

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Efficient use of Resources:

Water & Energy efficient -With the surrounding common problems like water and electricity scarcity, the manufacturer has done the favor by manufacturing the highly-efficient machine to save water, energy and even detergent. Some machines provide you the temperature option through which you can set as lower to 20 degrees Celsius that saves electricity. Some machines even use the sensor for calculating the total amount of water and energy spent on a wash cycle.

Detergent Efficient – To save detergent, automatic dosing feature helps the best, as it will take the required amount of detergent to wash your clothes. All such efficient features save water, electricity and finally your money as well.

Safety Features:

Child Lock – Most washing machines are coming with enhanced safety features that let you protect against any damages or accidents. Child lock is one such feature that let not your child to change the settings when the wash cycle is going on.

Water & leakage problems – Other issues such as overflow and leak prevention systems can be detected with the help of the sensor. If some water issues happen, the sensor automatically signals to cut off the water supply.

Anti-foam feature – Sometimes you may add too much detergent unknowingly and this can be handled with the anti-foam technology. This technology adjusts the period of the cycle to avoid an overflow of foams.

Design Features:

Less Sound & Vibrations – With the advanced technology, the manufacturers of washing machines use modern brushless inverter motors to reduce the noise during wash programs. Even the machine walls are designed in such a way to absorb much noise and hence, reduce the vibrations.

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Self-cleaning – Another useful feature is the self-cleaning method of detergent drawers and washtubs to flush out the residue stored after a wash. To keep your machine clean and free from mildew and mold odors, this feature helps the most.

Various spin speeds – Most washing machines allow you to change the spin speed of a wash program. Different fabrics require different spin speeds and some machines automatically set the speed based on the fabric type.

These were the features and technologies used in the washing machine that are highly useful for their users.

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