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Have you ever dreamt of promoting a brand using your creative skills and imagination? Have you ever dreamt of working in a totally competitive environment where every one is better than the best and yet striving for more? And finally, Have you ever dreamt to  make a career in a field that truly campaigns for your career while taking it into newer heights?

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If your answers are in the affirmative then don’t wait any longer. “Copy writing is the apt career choice before you. This New Year, Unleash your creative skills and start your professional journey in the field of copy writing and see how you soon “limit the sky!

Join a Creative Copywriting Occupation this New Year 2018

Copy writing refers to writing for brands so creatively that people are tempted to buy or use the product or services merely by looking into its creative slogans, and other contents written for its promotional activities.

Kickstart Your Happy New Year 2018 Now

If you are someone who can visualize things in an apt manner and couple the same with catchy taglines and slogans then it is the career that beckons you.

Writing Can Be a Rewarding & Dangerous Career to Pursue

Essential Qualifications to Become Copywriter & Start Copywriting

We are living in an era of specialization. So, definitely, a degree or diploma in Mass Communication/ Creative writing will help the candidates aspiring to become a creative copywriter.

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Following Qualifications may Help in Seuring a High-Paying Copywriting Career
  • Gradution in Mass communication
  • Post Graduate Degree or Diploma or Masters in Mass communication
  • Graduate or Post Graduate in any Discipline with an relevant experience of few years in copy writing or journalism.

Note: Excellent writing skill in English is the prerequisite to become a good copywriter.

Some Immortal Copywriting Campaigns & Slogans

  • The CheckerNews: The World at Your Finger Tips.
  • Amul: The Taste of India.
  • LIC: Zindagi ke Saath Bhi aur Zindagi ke Baad Bhi.
  • Raymond: The Complete Man Since 1925.
  • Reliance Mobile: Karlo duniya muthi mein.
  • Bajaj Scooter: Humara Bajaj.

These days, many companies and organizations recruit freshers directly via campus recruitment or through jobs sites. Having penchant for writing and flair for analyzing things creatively with an eye for detail are must for candidates wishing to enter this field.

Where are The Copywriting Jobs?

Every business house requires the service of copy writers. Brand promotions are the core of any business enterprises, so most organisations hire copy writers from time to time at their offices.

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For the beginner, remuneration package up-to 2 Lakh INR can be offered in any Metro cities of India. The actual rate varies from company to company and from organization to organization. With a couple of Years’ experience in this field, you can easily get the post of a senior copywriter alongside a lucrative increment in your pay scale.

You can Get a Good Copywriting Jobs at These Sectors

  • In Public Sector Undertaking.
  • At NGOs.
  • In Corporate Sectors.
  • or at Digital Marketing firms.
  • In Institutes, Schools and colleges.
  • Radio, TV and News channels.
  • Retail, Automobile and BFS/ NBFS sectors.
  • at Mass Media firms like News Papers, Magazines and Websites.
  • In FMCG sectors.
  • and Hospitality and Aviation sectors, etc.

A copy writer with more than 5 years experience can easily earn around 6 Lakh INR per anuum at anywhere in India. Earnings could get doubled up if you work abroad.

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Copy writing is a highly rewarding career with utmost job security and creative satisfaction as well.

(Atish Home Chowdhury)

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