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Walnut School of Ideas to Turn Vijayawada to an Educational Hub: Nikhil Chandwani

Nikhil Chandwani is a celebrated author of seven best selling novels, a renowned public speaker with few TED talks, 200+ lectures under his belt, professor, and founder of two firms, Walnut Discoveries and The Walnut School of Ideas.

Nikhil Chandwani also held the Global Indian of the year honor in 2014 and U.K. Writers’ award. He is also the world’s youngest Ph.D. with names in prominent records books and the first Asian to win American Literary Award.

Walnut school of Ideas

Walnut School of Ideas has initiated their tutoring institute in Vijayawada, based out of Andhra Pradesh with world class facility including modern classrooms, use of smart technology, experienced teaching staff, and noteworthy tie-ups.

Nikhil Chandwani is recently nominated for Padma Shri honor as well.

WSI is offering Preparation & Job facility for the unemployed youths to brighten thier career prospects. Eradicating unemployment through proper job channel is WSI’s main aim.

Also, the WSI is imparting Digital Marketing solutions, training, IELTS, GRE and PTE Training, English Communication Certification Course, Writing, and Photography courses at their premises.

Walnut School of Ideas is also offering free LinkedIn profiling and Resume builder for its students to make their job search process easier and more effective.

I got a chance to interview Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, the visionary behind The Walnut School of Ideas, to know future endeavor about transforming Vijayawada into a modern educational hub.

1) How do you think WSI would grow in the next few years? Why did you choose Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh in India is probably the best state in India in terms of opportunities for outsiders. The people have a good acceptance and understanding quotient and students are awe-inspiring. The state is rebuilding itself with sufficient possibilities for everyone and the visionary Chief Minister, Shri Chandrababu Naidu, is providing an ecosystem for businesses to grow and flourish here.

We want to take this vision onward by implementing an ecosystem for complete training module to the learners and youth. We also want to help colleges cope up with current training environment by supporting them in training students in different certification courses and placement assistance.

Nikhil Man behind Walnut

I chose Andhra Pradesh because the students are in desperate need of alternate career options, and to help annihilate literate unemployment in the state.

2) How were you able to establish WSI in a new city?

Vijayawada is more of a hometown for me. I have worked as a professor in Vijayawada and learned the problems of the students and the institute management from the inside.  My old students are always around, ready to learn more and I could easily impart knowledge to everyone, 24×7. This helped me in developing an education interface in this promising environment.

Also, I have not been alone setting up this institute here. My elder cousin, Dinesh Chandwani is the co-founder of WSI and heads the curriculum design for our office. He is supportive in more ways than one.

Vamsheedhar Mohan Batchu is our principal head in Andhra Pradesh. He is the person who helped us secure a proper path to establish ourselves in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Lokajit, the visionary leader of AP and our guide helps us in every way possible. Sudeep and Charan are our adorable franchise heads setting up the office here.

3) You’re also a public speaker, and you have worked as a Visiting Professor with leading IITs. Could you share a light on how did that help you?

It certainly did help me a lot. I have had a chance to interact with thousands of students. Knowing the problems of the professional youths from inside makes the solution easier. Now, I would also be doing the teaching part at our institute at a later stage. The teacher in me would never die. I want an ecosystem where a student could learn at 2 am in the night.

4) How did you manage complicated careers as an author, professor, entrepreneur, public speaker, Script Writer, and director?

I am an engineering dropout. Dropping out meant I had failed to complete what I started back then. Failures & dropouts are either rebels or addict. I was both. A rebel who wanted a chance in writing and teaching industry and an addict to those ambitious dreams I had.

Now, trying to fulfill those dreams, one career at a time & helping students in the midway.

Ideas Walnut School

5) You’re also a social entrepreneur, changing lives of thousands of students. Could you tell us more about it?

There are so many teens and young adults that I have met in my journey who were misguided or poorly shown the path. Meeting, spending time with them, letting them shift to my office and showing them a proper path, not as a professor but an elder brother gives me inner peace.

Prab Keerat Mahendru, Ritesh Verma, Siddharth Roy and many others are published authors, Ted(x) Speakers and one of them, Md. Zabi Khan is also a Padma Award Nominee. So it helps.

6) What are your future plans in Vijayawada, the whole of Andhra Pradesh and other states in India? Where are your current offices?

I want WSI to train 1,00,000+ students in the next two years in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Those are my mid-term plans. Short-Term plans include running successful training and Placement center in Vijayawada, providing Digital Marketing Solutions and training in the city and helping spread English Communication to all sections of society.

Nikhil Walnut

I want to open 50 centers in South India in one year of time and WSI aims at adding more courses including Civil Service Training, Staffing, and Banking in future. The Walnut School of Ideas- Head Office stands in Nagpur that is handled by my cousin Dinesh Chandwani and I.

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The Walnut School of Ideas- Regional Office is in Vijayawada and is situated at the center of the city, on MG Road, above TMC Showroom. Our guide and principle head, Mohan Vamsheedhar BatchuSI’s currently coordinates the WSI’s regional office.

It was really amazing to have such a candid conversation with the visionary Co-founder Dr. Nikhil Chandwani of Walnut School of Ideas.

We wish him best of luck for his future endeavor. All the Best

(Interview Session Moderated by Atish Home Chowdhury) – Press Release