This week on the last Monday and Tuesday episode of The Voice US Season 13 witnessed Best Top 11 performances by the various singers.

So on the last week after the gala performances, the singing TV reality show The Voice America 13 see the bottom two names of the singers which include, Adam Cunningham and Janice Freeman.

The Voice America 13

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Adam Cunningham nominated for eviction on the last week at the show The Voice America 13 and in the last week, his luck supports him so he instantly gets save on the singing TV reality show The Voice America 13.

On the last week episode, the singing show witnessed some of the awesome performances by the singers and the public voting also starts until next day before starting the show.

Top 11 performers of the last week at the singing show The Voice US Episode was like, Janice Freeman, Emily Luther, Keisha Renee, Noah Mac, Red Marlow, Shi’Ann Jones, Adam Cunningham, Brooke Simpson, Davon Fleming, Ashland Craft and Chloe Kohanski.

After the public voting get finished and post the votes counted and 2 names got nominated for elimination and fans witnessed eviction of two candidates which includes Janice Freeman and Adam Cunningham.

Adam again got nominated for eviction this week. His fate supported him and he got saved earlier in the 7th times but this time his fate get succumb and he evicted!

On the previous time, we saw the eviction of Janice Freeman from the singing show The Voice America 13 and Top 10 best performers have selected. Janice Freeman last performance was very good but she failed to received massive votes and she crooned the Chandelier song before elimination.

Top 10 Contestant on The Voice America Season 13 2017

Red Marlow

Shi’Ann Jones

Adam Cunningham

Brooke Simpson

Davon Fleming

Ashland Craft

Emily Luther

Keisha Renee

Noah Mac

Chloe Kohanski

Watch and enjoy Janice Freeman last performance on The Voice Episode on this space!

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