Rajesh Khanna the Megastar of the 70’s made his acting debut at 1966 with the low budget movie Aakhri Khat but it was the blockbuster movie Aradhana and Do Raaste in late 1969 which gave stardom to the late actor Rajesh Khanna.

The legacy of Dharmendra in The Hindi Cinema in 60s Era!

The classic actor Rajesh Khanna is regarded as a phenomenon for the Hindi film industry and Rajesh Khanna received and saw stardom which no other actor had seen ever before.

Rajesh Khanna

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Post the movie Aradhana and Do Raaste the late actor of before received some of the super hit movies on his kitty, which includes, Kaati Patangg (1970), Sachcha Jhuta (1970), Haathi Mera Saathi (1971), Dushman (1972), Apna Desh (1972) and Avtar (1983) amongst others in consecutive numbers.

Khanna mostly featured with the contemporary actress of his time Mumtaz and both actors are regarded as most favorite and love Jodi of Hindi cinema.

The evergreen movie star often credited as the first superstar of the Indian cinema Rajesh Khanna gave 15 back to back hits from 1969 to 1971 which is regarded as consecutive super hit films of the actor in the series number.

It was an extraordinary journey for any actor as it involves, unlikely that 15 hits like this will be given by anybody in a span of 36 months again which is a big deal or an incredible!

This could happen again but not in a short 36 month span, another side now in the contemporary or the modern time it will be easier for big stars to give big hits today as it has a lot to do with initial while 40 years back a movie had to run 25 weeks in around 8-10 centres to be massive so the initial factor was less.

Rajesh Khanna

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The period when the actor was giving hit movies in series also regarded as the Rajesh Khanna mania and this run was ended post his movie Mehboob Ki Mehndi released which was regarded as the most expensive movie till that date.

Khanna was biggest box office force from 1969-1971 and he just ruled the industry from 1969-1974 for almost 6 Years.

He saw a major bad phase after 1974 when his contemporary actors Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra were stolen the show reportedly and regarded as hit machines of that era.

Rajesh Khanna (Actor) Consecutive 15 HITS
Rank Flim Release Year Nett Gross Verdict
1 Bandhan 1969 1,40,00,000 Hit
2 Doli 1969 1,10,00,000 Semi Hit
3 Aradhana 1969 3,50,00,000 Blockbuster
4 Do Raaste 1969 3,25,00,000 Blockbuster
5 Kati Patang 1970 2,30,00,000 Super Hit
6 The Train 1970 1,50,00,000 Hit
7 Safar 1970 1,80,00,000 Hit
8 Sachaa Jhutha 1970 3,10,00,000 Super Hit
9 Aan Milo Sajna 1970 2,50,00,000 Super Hit
10 Aanand 1970 1,25,00,000 Hit
11 Haathi Mere Saathi 1971 4,00,00,000 Blockbuster
12 Amar Prem 1971 1,80,00,000 Semi Hit
13 Andaz 1971 2,00,00,000 Hit
14 Maryada 1971 2,30,00,000 Hit
15 Dushman 1971 3,00,00,000 Super Hit

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