You can serve this Vegetable Chicken Noodles Soup as breakfast which is touted as a healthy and tasty breakfast!



Carrot (Cut tiny pieces)

Onion (Cut tiny pieces)

Garlic (Cut tiny pieces)

Ginger (Cut tiny pieces)

Cabbage (Cut tiny pieces)

Pease (A bowl of Pease)

Beans (Cut tiny pieces)

Green Chile (Cut tiny pieces)

Black paper (2 teaspoonfuls)

Coriander (Cut tiny pieces)

Salt as per your taste

Sugar as per taste

Seismic chili oil

Boil Noodles (one bowl)


Cucumber (Cut tiny pieces)

Chicken (Cut tiny pieces)

Tomato pure

Method to prepare Vegetable Chicken Noodles Soup

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First, switch on the gas and keep a cooking pan on it to hit.

Now apply butter on the hot pan, now fry the onion, garlic, and ginger in it as well as stir it well.

Now put the entire tiny pieces vegetables’ alongside chicken to mixes it properly.

Now put salt, tomato puree, and sugar as per taste and fried it properly, the chicken and the vegetable. Now put 1 liter, water on the stuff and cook it well, means you need to boil it properly after covering the pan with the lid.

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Now boil noodles in the water aside with some oil and salt as if you boil the noodles with some oil then the noodles will not stick together.

Now afterward the noodles will be boil keep it aside in a bowl after draining out the water. Now put butter on the noodles with seismic chili oil.

Now you can see that the vegetable soup has been cooking well and now you need to pour the soup on over the noodles. Now mixes it properly and boil for a while.

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For garnishing:

Serves the soup with cucumber tiny pieces, tomato tiny pieces cut, sprinkle salt on the same, sprinkle black paper also with some coriander leaves.

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