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Use Dunzo to Experience Seamless App-Based Task Management

Who would not like to have their groceries, fruits, vegetables or restaurant food delivered home? Hardly anybody would say no. It is this answer that held the key to tremendous success of Dunzo.

Dunzo has redefined the urban life of people by simplifying their lifestyle. A delivery partner makes the purchase, picks up items of your choice and delivers it to your doorstep.

This wonderful task management app, acting like a Genie, fulfils the demand of a customer very quickly in highly urbanized pockets of Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad where traffic snarls frighten people to go out after coming from office to buy the essentials.


Image source: Dunzo

Living in a metropolitan city or a megacity means you hardly have any time to do shopping except on off-days that is usually Saturday and Sunday. What about the other five days? On getting back home when you find you do not have vegetables in your fridge, you hardly feel you have the energy to go out to the market and buy it. 

This app allows you to have the royal luxury of getting anything under the sun delivered at your doorstep. And you do not have to bother about it. Just Dunzo your wishlist and have the items brought before you in maximum 60 minutes.

Dunzo, an Urban Genie

As an urbanite, your needs are multiple or at least more than those who live in smaller towns or villages. Just to exemplify, early next morning you have to catch the metro train or the bus to reach your office and you find your body deodorant has run out; or perhaps it’s food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, health and wellness, electronics, gifts, or pet supplies; you can get anything and everything. This really is a hyper-local service with a difference as the delivery is very quick and the app works seamlessly.  

Dunzo app, practically, is an experience that urban dwellers never had the taste of before. Besides being a delivery platform, it also acts virtually as your own task manager where your bills can be paid, car services made available, repairs of home appliances done and packages can be couriered or shipped.

It is this ability to perform multiple tasks that holds the key to the meteoritic rise of this super-utility service domain to witness constant upward-moving curve of its growth since 2015: a short span of just three years.


Image source: Dunzo

The success of Dunzo, from a small venture to a multi-city set-up, hinges on the simplicity of the app. The app raises a task, specifying what the customers want to be done and a delivery executive is assigned to work on it. The whole process, very quick indeed, is done via a chat interface.

On getting the assignment, the person drives to the location or point of the task which can be a shop, store or a pick-up address. Once there, the person fulfils the order or demand of the customers and sends pictures to the user for confirmation.

Once the items are confirmed by the customer, the person who is known as the Partner, in Dunzo-parlance, purchases the item or commodity. He then moves to the drop location and delivers it to the customer. 

Dunzo: The Success Story

Dunzo, the brainchild of Kabeer Biswas, began in a very small way. He started it in 2015 through a small Whatsapp group to meet random tasks for a small fee. And this business experiment by Kabeer succeeded. Later on, Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri and Mukund Jha teamed up to add tremendous force to the business.

Kabeer Biswas Dunzo

Image source: Factordaily 

In fact, the success story of the company acts as an eye-opener for those young talents who want to be entrepreneurs: be the master of their own future. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru.

What the Dunzo-promoters have done is something Warren Buffet would feel happy about. The team proved that if sparks are added to a simple imagination, it can grow to become a big business, thus becoming an example for others.