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Upendra: The Sandalwood Actor To Turns Director Again


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As we all know the Sandalwood actor Upendra is ready with his 50th film named is Adhira will be reportedly going to helm this project.

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Yes, the actor Upendra turns director again and shall be direct his much awaited and anticipated 50th film, Adhira. The movie Adhira is historical and periodic drama and when Upendra will be direct the movie, it will be obviously special and audiences and fans will be wait to see this anyway.

The multitalented Kannada celebrity, Upendra, is a man with different hats and in each phases of his career he proved his worth.

Upendra: The Sandalwood Actor Turns Director Again

Being an actor Upendra most of the time steal show and like me all of you are also his die heart fans surely, so this time it will be really yet to see this wonderful and brilliant actor Upendra, in the chair of the captain of the ship, means director.

The upcoming movie Adhira is also special as the actor and director Upendra is directing the movie anyway.

Reportedly, the above mentioned news has been also confirmed by RS Srinivas, the producer of the movie Adhira, which is also made with a good budget of the Rs. 50 crore and the movie, will be release simultaneously in other regional languages also, which includes, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Upendra: The Sandalwood Actor Turns Director Again

As the movie Adhira is touted as a commercial masala entertaining Kananda movie and promoted as the Sandalwood superstar Upendra’s 50th movie, so there is massive expectation audiences and critics are having from the movie.

In the mean time, As of now, the actor Upendra is gearing up for the release of his next movie, I Love You, with Rachita Ram, which is all set to hit theaters on this February.

The theatrical trailer of the movie I Love You is well received and liked by the fans and the audiences. By the way, the forthcoming movie, Adhira, will be going on floor on this April.

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