Understand the Man – Nitish Bahalwala & His Extraordinary Mind

It really is déjà vu as you turn over the pages of action-packed and mind-rippling The Chimera for you find a man’s quest for perfection and his failure to achieve it in Siddhartha, a novel by the Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse.

In fact, Nitish Bahalwala most excellently dealt with the axiomatic truth that human being basically is evolutionary in nature and in their process of evolution they often enter into the hazy world of reality when it runs in conflict with truth.

It is here where we find the dominance of unconscious mind. In the novel The Chimera, Nitish tried to explain it most eloquently without burdening the readers the complexities of psychoanalysis. Decades ago, Hermann Hesse dribbled with it through Siddhartha. Now it is Nitish who tried to be more perfect in this analysis of basic psyche of human being.

Before we review The Chimera, let us first have a glimpse of Chimera of the Grecian mythology to understand why the young yet prolific writer used this term.  Mythical Chimera, brought to world literature first by Homer in his Iliad, is a fictional animal with its body-parts drawn from several animals. It is a fire-spewing monster of a thing.

Nitish, a medical professional and motivational speaker, perhaps used the best possible semantic in naming this globally successful novel after that mythical creature for human being too has several components of animals in their persona. The novel wonderfully deals with this particular aspect of human race as a whole but with most simple words and wonderful dictions that are typical to Nitish.

In fact, in The Chimera what we find most noteworthy factor is the touch of mastery of a writer in dissecting the very psychosis of a social animal called man.

This novel is particularly useful for the youth globally as they are driven by many impossible dreams which can neither be achieved nor feasible for them. In their quest for perfection, often they are misled. What happens next is the shattering of their dreams before the realities of life.

What Nitish tried to explain is that the mankind should evolve naturally and try to understand the very bare meaning of “truth” and “reality.” He also has given a tip that they should learn from the history for history always repeats itself. The Chimera is an excellent admixture of facts of human life with their unnecessary tilt towards fictional aspects of life.

In other words, he asks for the people to use logic as the main tool of making their decisions. Mind you, logical mankind can do anything but illogical-mankind can only spew fires of their depressions and disillusionment like the mythical Chimera. Nitish also cautions the mankind not to embark on useless journeys in search of “unknowable.”

On reading the paragraphs of The Chimera, we very often find the author practically has dealt the most difficult subject of psychoanalysis through most common words. Nitish asks people to stand to reason for their future projections with the help of only one tool: practicality. This is something which no other author, at least over the last few years, ventured.

Interestingly, Nitish refers himself as a “miserable human who often feels detached from the universe. With these cons come some pros, and that is a unique vision of this complex system.” He also sounds rather prophetic as he believes that the world goes round and that humans are sliding into decadence.

It the pages of The Chimera are used as practical guide to human life, many a problems of our modern society may vanish as people will always take lessons from the history and also set their lives goal based on realism. No wonder, Nitish received the “OK India Award” for being youngest Bestselling author for the book The Chimera.

The Chimera

Though at his prime youth, Nitish really sounds as a compendium of knowledge of human psyche when he aptly observed: We are moving in a circular wheel of self-destructive knowledge. He is right. We are really living in an artificial robotic world. Naturally, we are required to read The Chimera.

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