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Unbudgeted Innocence Review: A Beautiful Book Reminiscing us of our Childhood Days

Someone has said it right, “A human life is sweet, lovely and wonderful, it’s only the humans who make it complicated”. During the childhood days, everything seems so perfect. But as one grows up, things started getting difficult day by day. In fact, it is the relentless pursuit of money and ambition with reckless competitions all around makes our lives more difficult and challenging.

Let’s Go Back to Childhood Days through Gaurav Sharma’s Latest Gem, Unbudgeted Innocence

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Gaurav Sharma, a well known author of LOVE AT AIR FORCE, RAPESCARS AND DAWN AT DUSK came out with a completely new contrasting novel “Unbudgeted Innocence”. Unlike his previous works, Gaurav Sharma’s latest book from Tanvi Publications completely revolves around the innocent world of childhood days.

Emotions and Memories Go Together

Children are the purest souls. Many say, they are form of gods and goddesses. I completely agree to it. Their world is different; all that they need is thier share of study, plenty of playing, happiness and those innocent mischiefs. Obviously, HAPPINESS ON A CHILD’S FACE BRINGS LOTS OF HAPPINESS AND JOYS ALL AROUND.

In fact, Gaurav Sharma himself stated that Childhood is no less than a fairy tale. Even vices like greed, jealousy, and naughtiness are innocent during that period.”

Unbudgeted Innocence

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Unbudgeted Innocence by Gaurav Sharma is certain to take the readers back to their childhood days, and remind them about many things that they might miss now after attaining adulthood. Nevertheless, the extraordinary lucid and simplicity exhibited by the writer in the book through his language makes this “Pearl” from “Tanvi Publication” a must-read one.

The book consists of 10 stories covering different aspects of little souls (read children) and their level of thinking. It’s really praiseworthy that the author chose to write all stories from their perspectives, and it perfectly strikes a chord with readers of all age-groups reminiscing them about those sweet and sour days that unfortunately we lost forever.

Short, Succinct and Spectacular Stories with Scintillating Start and Silent Stops !!

A reader will never feel a dull moment when he has Unbudgeted Innocence in his hand.

#1) THE ABANDONED DOG: The story perfectly demonstrates children’s humongous love for the pets, but then again in the context of India, not everyone likes his or her neighbor to have a dog. But children of all ages still love pets. This story is all about a perfect animal-human bonhomie. Before the end, readers may find drops of tears in their eyes. Such a wonderful story!

#2) BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER: The story perfectly describes innocent love-hate friendship of Hussain and Parveen  during their school days. However, this mutual competition turned into mutual interdependence in their lives. In the end, readers will take a positive message from it.

#3) THE TERRIFIC TEN: It is a story about the childhood that meets with the reality of life. Ten innocent souls were on a secret mission to solve people’s problem imitating the Enid Blyton’s Famous Five style. One day, without realizing the complex husband-wife relationship, they tried to support the wife, but ended up being blamed for encroaching upon an individual’s right to privacy. The twist in the end will keep your mind boggled for hours together after learning about Secret Ten’s abrupt disintegration.

#4) THE WOUNDED PLAYER: We often hear about sledging and downplaying each other’s emotions in Cricket and other games. But this story is all about sportsmanship. The way Rashmi’s team gifted her The Victory is truly remarkable. Read this story to know why!

#5) THE UNREQUITED FRIENDSHIP: How calmness and generous behavior wins over rudeness is the gist of the sotry. Despite being unruly and rude, Srikant won the Gautam’s heart through his selfless friendship. Wow.. Amazing story.

Unbudgeted Innocence

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#6) THE BIOLOGY PROJECT: The story just shows the real face of a  kid. They are truly innocent. Kids value animals and birds far more than adults. In this story, Sanju’s effort towards welfare of animals was highly appreciated by his Biology teacher. Aww.. Such a sweet story you will fall in love with 🙂

#7) THE TEMPLE ATOP THE HILL: Fighting superstitions at a tender age is a risky job. But these determined souls fought back the superstitions bringing logic to the scene. A praiseworthy attempt by the writer to join two mutually exclusive topics of “Superstition” and “Logic” in a child story!

#8) MANAGING THE POCKETMONEY: It is a story with morally enlightening theme. The reckless spending of money eventually taught a great lesson to Rinku and Nandini on a day when they couldn’t reach their home – They had no money to go back to home!

Nano Tale: How Two Kids Teach Their Parents About the Language of Humanity & Secularism

#9) GUILT: Self-realization is the biggest soul-changing experience. This story depicts how the children realized their guilts hardway. An eye-opening tale, a must read for everyone.

#10) The Blue Coat: Finally, “THE BLUE COAT” is the last part of this “Breathtaking Childhood Journey”. It deals with the children’s financial awareness and their value for money. No doubt, every one of us should use money judiciously. And we should inculcate good habits within us from childhood.

Unbudgeted innocence

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You Can Purchase the Book Now

Unbudgeted Innocence By Gaurav Sharma: In a Nutshell

The Book Design and Color: Attractive and Colorful

Price: Moderately Priced around Rs. 150/-

Printed Pages: Around 100

Full Value for Money: A collection of 10 original soul-searching stories at one place.

Plot of the Stories: ***** (5/5)

Language: ***** (5/5)

The CheckerNews Verdict: ***** (5/5)

Unbudgeted innocence by Gaurav Sharma

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“The CheckerNews Recommends Everyone to Read Unbudgeted Innocence”.


(By Atish Home Chowdhury)

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