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Udit Narayan: 10 My Favorite Bollywood Songs, Sung By This Iconic Singer

Udit Narayan: 10 My Favorite Bollywood Songs, Sung By This Iconic Singer:-

Being 1990s kid, I must say that songs of those eras was just beautiful enough to give you some musical goals, and I’m the one who is definitely having allergy with the present time modern songs, as those who listen to golden era song, can’t listen to the contemporary songs as those songs were just best.

I think most of the people will agree with me that the Bollywood singer, Udit Narayan, is one of the most exceptionally talented and skilled singers of his time and most of the 90s kids will agree with me that his songs were just beautiful enough.

It is true actually, literally, when I listen to those Hindi Movies, Bollywood songs of the golden era, I mean of the 90s era, which is sung by the iconic B-Town singer, Udit Narayan, I just have goosebumps or you can say I have floating butterfly in my stomach as song which is sung by the  very talented Bollywood singer, Udit Narayan, are enough to give some musical, melodious and singing goals to me and I just love to cherish most of the Bollywood songs, sung by the skilled Bollywood singer, Udit Narayan, even in these contemporary times.

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He was one of the noted Bollywood singers of his times and he ruled the Hindi movie industry, from the early and late 1990s and early 2000s.

In this article I will discuss some of the beautiful and evergreen Hindi movie songs, sung by the Bollywood, one of the iconic singers Udit Narayan, who is also still one of the popular, famous and notable Bollywood singer, no wonder, why the evergreen B-Town songs, sung by the Bollywood singer, Udit Narayan, is still popular and famous.

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Udit Narayan: 10 My Favorite Bollywood Songs, Sung By This Iconic Singer

1). Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Kuch, Dur Chalte Hi

Video Source: thebollysongs94

2). Deewana Main Chala, use Dhundhne Bare Pyaar Se

Video Source: bollyMusic

3). Chupke Se Koi Aaye Gaa

Video Source: Tips Official

4). Sooraj Kab Door Gagan Se

Video Source: Chandan Rathor

5). Gazab Ka Hain Din Dekho Zara

Video Source: Bollywood Classics

6). Aisa Des Hai Mera

Video Source: YRF

7). Aakhir Tumhe Aana hai Zara Der Lagegi

Video Source: Gaane Sune Ansune

8). Mahive Mahive That’s The Way Mahive

Video Source: SonyMusicIndiaVEVO

9). Zindagi Ban Gaye Ho Tum

Video Source: king1621

10). Chhup Gaya Badri Mein Jaaake Chand Bhi Sharma Gaya

Video Source: Music Lover