There are some scary TV Characters, but all those TV Characters are not the evil villains or the scary one.

Some are regular people just like you and me can have goosebumps if we see those TV Characters on our entry door or in our home.

10 TV Characters We Will Not Wish To See Them At Our House

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If they will be knocking at our door, we can be confused then!

Here are 10 TV Characters you don’t want knocking on your door day or night!

1). Sam and Dean – Supernatural

Under any other circumstances if these 2 hotties Dean and Sam will knock your door it will be like dream come true, though it will be amazing to see them onscreen.

Find out why Johnny Depp is an incredible actor and a person!

It is obvious believes that if Dean and Sam will knock your door it will seem like some ghost or monster come to your house so do a favor to you and just don’t open the door.

Sam and Dean - Supernatural

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2). Norma Bates – Bates Motel

If you see Norma Bates in the driving seat, you need to run. You don’t need her tears, as these tears can be her as usual drama. Once she pulls you in, there will be no escape and you will be in her clutch.

You’ll be subjected to all her issues as well you will not dare to deal with her so better just cut-off.

Norma Bates - Bates Motel

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3). Raymond Reddington – The Blacklist

Red is one of the FBI’s most wanted though he is working for the human welfare so probably he can visit you obviously.

He can demand something from you and if you fail to give the same you can kiss him and say goodbye.

But should not dare to join him as you will surely fail to co-operate him in this risky mission.

Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist

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4). Kai – American Horror Story

Kai is not the type of person you want visiting you but still if he will knock the door better to avoids him as he is always ready with his crazy talk.

Kai - American Horror Story

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5). Hannibal Lector – Hannibal

There are a number of reasons Hannibal can knock your door, maybe he can join you for lunch or dinner.

But remember to beware of him as once he will start talking, there’s no way for you to get out from under his control. You’re done for, so don’t do it. Just ignore him and his knock!

Hannibal Lector - Hannibal

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6). Father Marcus – The Exorcist

Father Marcus is not your friendly neighborhood priest. He is having a mission and you never know his next mission can be you.

If he finds evil in your house he will kill the evil but please hope he will not come to your house as he never comes in your house if there will be no evil.

Father Marcus - The Exorcist

7). Aunt Lydia – The Handmaid’s Tale

Breaking the rules is not acceptable and Aunt Lydia can break any rule anyway. Anyway if you feel Aunt Lydia knock your door just avoid this call as it will be better to stay away from her.

Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale

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8). Smurf – Animal Kingdom

Smurf is a career criminal and he is not a good person. Hide your valuables because she is probably going to try to steal your important stuff if she bumps into you.

Smurf - Animal Kingdom

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9). Brady – Mr. Mercedes

Brady is the kind of guy you should avoid anyhow.  He is a dangerous guy which he showcased on the TV series so just avoid him if he tries to bumps with you.

Brady - Mr. Mercedes

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10). Terence – The Arrangement

Terence may be the founder and director of The Institute of Higher Learning, but still, you need to avoid him if he rings the doorbell anyway.

Terence - The Arrangement

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