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True Devotion is Important to Accomplish Success and Happiness

True Devotion is Important to Accomplish Success and Happiness

The biggest ecstasy of human life is a devotion and attachment to the god. But it is still an enigma why everyone doesn’t realise a devotee’s true dedication to god? Sincere devotees like Mira Bai’s relentless pursuit of Lord Krishna, or even Ram Krishna Paramahansa’s quest for Goddess Maa Kali, have often been misunderstood and questioned. More or less, they are mired in mystery and oblivion.

Crossing all odds these devotees successfully touched the pinnacle of their divine connections to omnipotent in the sincerest manner possible. Rather than caring about how the world perceived them – these devotees stayed committed to god.

Worldly things are utterly irrelevant in front of devotion

I have realized it in my childhood that there is definitely some magical feeling while connecting to god. All Gods do listen to our prayers, and answers us back by showering his blessings upon us. But we have to stay honest and sincere throughout our lives.

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It’s absolutely phenomenal –those quiet and priceless moments that one spent in prayers when only the devotee and god communicate with each other. I feel myself intertwined with a sacred thread of devotion to god. I have immense faith in god, and it has positively impacted my life for good. It keeps me in an upbeat mood and cheerful spirit round the clock.

Devotion is the Sheer Joy and biggest success of Life

What does our human life consist of? The worldly things that come across us! No, human life is not all about for enjoying the material pleasures but being able to feel the absolute bliss of attachment to god.

How to Attain True Devotion in Life In A Few Simple Steps?

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An honest devotion connects a devotee to gods without any intermediary or any other person. When your devotion to a god is pious and sanctimonious, then it turns out to be the biggest joy in itself for that person or devotee. The joy of devotion begets happiness and optimism from one person to another at a faster pace. Through our true devotion we can actually make our lives more enlightening and less worrisome.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)