The entertaining channel Zee TV now ready launches a new show Ishq Subhan Allah, which is all set to premiere on this 14th March at the 10 PM slot.

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The TV series Ishq Subhan Allah will be replaced the ongoing serial “Woh Apna Sa”, but instead “Woh Apna Sa” will not end, in fact, it will be the shift to the 7 PM slot and Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre will be the move to the 11 PM since then.

The upcoming TV series Ishq Subhan Allah will be based in the city of Lucknow which will be telecast on the prime time of the 10:00 PM. The story of this serial will revolve around Kabeer and Zara who are both are avid and dedicated followers of the religion Islam.

Zee TV launches a daily soap on triple talaaq – Ishq Shubhan Allah

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But the duo is having a different perception of their learning and the knowledge which they gathered and acquired in their entire lifetime. Kabeer follows the massive believed moral ethics strictly.

He considers his father as his role model who is a religious scholar and is keen to be like him. On the other hand, Zara is an educated girl who applies her teachings in some moral and good way and blessed with a liberal attitude.

She believes in gender equality, justice, and rationality and as USP of the show, Ishq Subhan Allah is that when Kabeer and Zara will be hitched in the serial.

Their constant clashes of ideologies will be actually regarded as the Talaaq option. The show will be throwing light on the subject of Triple Talaaq which is reportedly burning issue of the nation.

Kabeer and Zara will have their own beliefs and trust about the relationship and they’re own creative and unique way of applying their religious knowledge which will be going to be the main USP of the TV series Ishq Subhan Allah.

The show stares Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan in lead roles. Are you excited for Zee’s Ishq Subhan Allah? Let us know your opinion in the comment sections.

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