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Now Earn Money Using Sagoon App: The Latest Review, Ratings & News

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Welcome Sagoon App to your life. It could transform, and monetize your social media interactions like no one else.

These days, social networking sites are ruling the roost. Most of us spend more than 3-4 hours daily to interact with other users on social networking sites. However, from the last few years, many users are fed up using the same sites again and again; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

In an attempt to give something more interesting and unique, we are presenting the Sagoon App in front of everyone.

Sagoon App review

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Sagoon App is doing great and garnering worldwide attention for its magnificent “Connect, Share and Earn” scheme. Yes, you can literally earn a lot by using Sagoon App.

How to Use Sagoon App?

It works on multiple platforms in a flawless manner. So, next time, you won’t have to worry about compatibility anymore. You can use it on Android smartphones with 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity and iOS as well.

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Initially, you have to register to the site using your email id and password or log in to the site via Facebook. Once your account is verified you can then start using it.

Sagoon App: Enriched Features and Innovation

Technology is changing fast, and so is the user’s expectation. If you are done with retweets, favorites and likes then Sagoon is here to refresh your social media experience with powerpacked features and stylish toolkits.

#1) My Day: A perfect app for work-life balance. In fact, you can organize your day in a better way using this feature.

#2) Mood Talk: It’s an interactive chatting tool that allows your mood do all the talk. You can switch your mood to sick, sad or happy as per your wish. Also, these chats get deleted automatically after a day. So, every day is a new beginning in Sagoon App.

#3) Story Sharing: Don’t hold grudge or confession any more. Reveal it all without fearing anyone. It helps your heart feel lot lighter than ever. Add images to make your story more appealing and attractive. You can also hide your identity while sharing your story if you wish so.

Review Sagoon App

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Another striking feature of Sagoon is “One-on-One” story App. You can share your story with a trusted fellow, which will be automatically deleted next day.

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Sagoon App: Features and Facts

Availability: Google PlayStore.

Installations: 5000+ times already installed by users.

Launching Year: November 2015.

Total Users: 1.1 Million Users are already connected to Sagoon App Now.

What is a Secret Message?

Everyone has a secret story etched deeper inside the heart. However, in conventional social media, you can’t keep anything secret. But Sagoon App is miles ahead than the rest!

Review Sagoon Social media

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It’s fantastic secret message service allows users to share secret feeling, connection and thoughts with others (up to 220 characters) as an “Open Secret” and anonymously.

The Sagoon Organizer

  • World Clock : To Know time and location of any place in the world.
  • Weather Condition :   Know the latest of weather condition outside.
  • Schedules and Appointment : Fix your schedule and appointment in an organized manner.
  • Calender and Time Tables : Consult it to know about holidays and other occasions near you.
  • To Do List and Reminder :  It records the number of tasks that you will do on a particular day.
Review Sagoon app India

(Newly launched Sagoon Office

Sagoon App: The Final Verdict

Attraction: Highly Enticing.

User-Friendliness: Fully User-friendly.

Regular Features: Posting updates, likes, dislikes, comments and shares.

Hot Secrets: Get your secret to trend with more engagement.

High Speed Access: It is a very fast app and all features work at high speed.

File Sharing: Interestingly, it supports all types of file formats for sharing.

Earning Option: Unlike other platforms you can now earn with more social media interaction on sagoon app through Social Smart Card‘.

Overall Rating: The CheckerNews gives *****/5 (Five-Star) Rating to Sagoon App. ♥

(Reviewed by Atish Home Chowdhury)

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